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July 30, 2010

One of the most sought after recordings…if it exists. Hangman was an unreleased track pre-Queen from probably the Ibex period. Apparently, and this is all conjecture, a studio performance is in the vaults. The song was performed at concerts in 1973 and 1975/76. Earlier recordings are not available and it would be bootleg heaven to possess a Hangman from a 1971/72 venue. The limited pirated live versions of the song are in inferior quality to the regular polished perfect Queen production. We must make do with what we’ve got, beggars can’t be choosers; that’s troosers to you.

In Nostradamus vein, the song predicted the coming of Mr. T. This revelation came to pass as the Clubber of Rocky was revealed. The Mr. C reference is more ambiguous and experts on these matters claim that it foretells the emergence of our current Prime Minister and that he will go down in history.

I know all about you
They call you, they call you Mr. C
You did a very good job
Oh, you’ll go down, you’ll go down, go down in history
Baby, baby, I’m telling you

Have you made any more pies for me?
Hangman, says they’re very nice, they’re very nice for me, oh yes they are nice

There you go, a great song that replicates the glory of Led Zeppelin’s Gallows Pole; only it’s better. Hang that rope from the highest tree!

Enough persiflage, onto the important part of the blog.
Normal hangman rules apply.
Head, torso, two arms, two legs. Six bits of the body. Six wrong letter guesses = Hangman.
A wrong outright guess = 2 defaults i.e. head/torso or two legs or an arm and a leg or a torso and an arm…OK, that’s plenty, you know the script.

Five letters. Painter.

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