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Don’t forget your stabilisers

March 6, 2012

The only coincidence that is somewhat linked to my current mishap is my reading of a review of a new book on the five times Tour de France winner, Eddy Merckx. His desire to win rivalled that of the similarly-driven Formula One champion, the late Ayrton Senna. As usual my mind wandered into the unhinged dominion of Absurdica. I imagined the scenario of Merckx and Senna having a speed duel on camels. That’s right, camels. The most famous Belgian, arguably, against the Saint from Sao Paulo with not a wheel in sight, racing on sand.

Anyway, this is not what this is all about, for once this is a serious blog. At the weekend my son left his bike unlocked outside the sports centre. He was in a rush; forget to chain it up and when he returned it was gone. Bad as it is, these things happen and I was not angry with him. Some situations call for cool and cucumber was the order of the day. We didn’t report the incident as there are no CCTV cameras in the grounds. Without witnesses on hand there was no chance of recovery. We wrote it off.

It still left me with the job of replacing said vehicle. Mentioning the economic gloom to him I could only promise a bike at the lower end of the market. He was happy with this as he only uses the bike a few times a week. While not discouraging him from the extra exercise cycling brings I worry when he is on the road. For his wellbeing I make sure he is Hi-Vis’ed to the nines. None of this skimpy aerodynamic lycra for him, I have him padded up like a linebacker.

Halfords seems a logical destination to start the search for a decent two-wheeler. Some breaking news for you. Bicycles to car parts retailer Halfords Group Plc reported a drop in sales in the run-up to Christmas so they’ll like our custom. I might show this page to their manager in the hope of a discount. After all, this is a free plug for them. Sometime next week my son and I will pencil in a date that is suitable for both of us.

Cycling has never rocked my boat, nor have cars either for that matter, though in my youth it was a badge of honour to own a chopper. Only the kids with the well-off parents could drive these machines; envy was rife along with the legendary plea “Gonnae give me a shot?”
This was the Ferrari of bikes.