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Another Marvel

August 14, 2014

It must be said that superhero films are getting better. The three Iron Man vehicles and the last Captain America movie were of high standard in production, script and, let’s give them their due, acting. While nothing can re-capture the thrill of reading Marvel comic books in adolescence the celluloid creations bring back happy memories. These were the days not of wine and roses- I was too young to drink and all flowers look the same to me so I couldn’t tell a rose from a dandelion pee-the-bed- they were more of cola and chips.

Reading and re-reading the adventures of caped costumers augmented my imagination to godly heights; I believed I was Thor! ;though without the hammer as my father locked the tool box. Ask me what I did last week and I’d struggle to tell you but somehow I can remember all the names of the Marvel characters, good and bad, at the drop of a shield. Childhood memories are vivid and another of my superpowers at the time was an Xaverian ability to know all the 92 football league teams home grounds. This information is now obsolete as new teams were introduced via promotion/relegation issues and the majority of teams have changed the names of their stadiums. Heimdall’s Horn!

The newest Marvel film to hit the screens saw them taking a chance. Guardians of the Galaxy are one of their lesser-known superhero teams. The trailers for the film had me baffled as this wasn’t the group of heroes that I knew. I referenced my Marvel Comics Handbook for details and the facts didn’t stack up. Further research informed me that this was a second GOTG line-up that was introduced in the comics in 2008. This was all new to me as I am a lapsed comic book reader. (When I re-take my vows I’ll have to do Four Fantastics and 7 DP’s.)

I felt a certain frisson as I took my seat in the cinema. With no knowledge of the storyline or the starring space adventurers there was a freshness in the air that I hadn’t sensed since the first Star Wars. The first ten minutes were not promising, my expectation had dipped as low as Shalla-Bal’s hopes for a Silver wedding anniversary. Still, you can’t walk out this early. The Marvel hordes in the audience would hit me with force blasts of photonic energy and Psychokinesis at the same time; I’d be psychically and mentally harmed.

the collectorAnd then it all clicked. The reviews were right. What a wonderful film this was. As I started to get into it the dialogue and action scenes were making me laugh and gasp. And there were a few characters that I knew. Little cameos by Thanos and The Collector brought a smile to my face. Thanos is a Marvel heavyweight while The Collector collects valuable life forms and artefacts. All of us have a little of The Collector in us.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is a treat. A romp through the stars with lots of funny quips along the way and a soundtrack that soars with 70s precision. Yet, as I’ve always said. The comics are better than the films.