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Monstrance Clock

August 12, 2013

Come together, together as a one
Come together for Lucifer’s son
Come together, together as a one
Come together for Lucifer’s son


I’ve seen the future of rock n’ roll and it is doom. There is a rock group from Sweden treading the boards whose front man dresses as the devil incarnate. The vocalist goes by the name of Papa Emeritus II, (He was Papa Emeritus on the first album, we’ll get to that in a moment) the other members of the band have no names preferring to be called nameless ghouls. The band are called Ghost.

Ghost have released two albums and another of their gimmicks was pretending that Papa Emeritus II was a different singer from the one on their debut album, the plain Papa Emeritus, presumably the first. Those of us with an ear for music are not buying it. The singer remains the same. Incidentally, bookmakers are taking no money on a Papa Emeritus III being on the third LP.

Following in the footsteps of other costumed bands -Kiss, Slipknot, Lordi, The Wombles- Ghost put on a theatrical show, a hard rock equivalent of Phantom of the Opera. Playing mock-satanic music while incense burns in the background their concerts are a mixture of dark forboding and humour. After all, the devil worship thing is not for real. Most heavy metal fans have normal jobs and a steady head on their dandruff-ridden shoulders. We don’t take ourselves seriously.

Now for more confusion. Ghost had to change their name in North America to Ghost BC for copyright reasons but for those of us that were in on them from the beginning they will always be plain Ghost. And these dark Lords just might make the mainstream as their music has a commercial ring to it, notwithstanding the occult lyrics and spooky tunes. If they do make it big, you heard it here first.

This little song has a singalong catchy chorus. It will stick in your head and you’ll find yourself humming it for days, end of days.