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The hard drive is running out of GB

June 13, 2011

The UK is running out of landfill space. This leaves us with the rubbish question. Where do we put all the waste that we can’t recycle?

During my research I found out that modern landfills are safely contained and restorable. When it is restored, the landfill will blend naturally into the surrounding landscape. Restored landfills are used for, amongst other things, golf courses. This baffles me. Why not close down some golf fields and use them as a landfill again? This re-compacting of rubbish is surely a more desirable option than golf. Kills two birdies at the same time. We get rid of rubbish and the sport that stinks of excreta.

Of course, this won’t happen so we need an alternative. Think tanks were deployed and one proposed sending the waste into outer space. This was dismissed as pie in the sky. Even though it’s a one (more…)