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The money is in the post

March 12, 2015

It was while surfing the obscurer cable channels that I heard a presenter inform the audience that the rouble is having a stotinka against the dollar. Well played, that man. His sentence made sense to me as one of my few areas of expertise is the names of foreign currencies. The stotinka is the coinage used in Bulgaria; similar to pence and pounds, 100 stotinka=1 Bulgarian Lev. It is a close homonym of the beloved English word -stinker. The anchor’s commentary tells us the rouble is taking a pounding at the moment.

Let us forget about the rouble’s trouble and instead have a little quiz. The sub-editor said we should call this blog All the Quiz from Bizz. I Don-Vetoed Corleoned this idea as naming posts is above his pay grade (roughly 10 stotinka an hour).

The quiz concerns foreign currencies. To make it easier I am only dealing in the main currency of a country and not its fractional lightweight. So the worthless kopek and other assorted minnows are disqualified. The rules are basic. Just guess the country. Only one term and condition. No googling, binging, ask jeeveseing or Pears cyclopaediaing.

A: the guarani

B: the togrog

C: the metical

D: the ariary

E: the kyat

F: the colon

What about prizes, asked the S/E. I’ll give him prizes. He’ll wake up with a horse’s head in his bed. But he’s right and after careful consideration I have decided to copy the gifts handed out by Stan Lee whenever anyone wrote in after spotting a mistake in the Marvel Comics universe and bringing it to the man’s attention: a Mighty Marvel no-prize: a big, empty envelope. Anyone correctly guessing a country will receive a whizz from bizz no-prize. This is something that money can’t buy.