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There’s something in the Fog

November 5, 2014



Visibility was minimal. You could just see past your nose. The deep fog descended like a creeping death. It was a time to be indoors. But the man was outside. And he wore a wolfish grin.

The man loved the fog. He could walk unnoticed through the streets. The anonymity thrilled him. I wish it could be foggy every day, he thought. When the Fogman brings the fog, he hummed along.

The precipitation cooled his face and he wished he were fog catching with the mountain men of Peru. Capturing fog. That would be heaven. He continued on his way through the low lying cloud. An invisible man.

Something human this way comes. A stranger passed the man without seeing him. The man grinned from ear to ear. This was no weather for small talk. We all must go on our merry way. His smile disappeared as the cloak of fog receded. This was no good. He hurried home.

After a good night’s fogging there was nothing better than watching a scary horror film on the box. The man turned on his TV to be confronted by…fog. The screen was a glowing mixture of white mist. The man was angry. He checked behind the television. All the wires were secure, including the aerial. He looked again at the screen. The fog seemed to be smiling at him.

“$%&* SAKE” He screamed.

“Mind your language, Nigel.”

Nigel’s cursing had wakened his mother who stood in the frame way of the door.

“The TV’s not working.” sobbed Nigel.

“Don’t be stupid. You’re just on the wrong source.”


“Yes. There are various inputs available for different devices, Nigel. On the remote control there is a button called source. Press through the options until you come to the correct one you need. The inputs are as follows: DTV, EXT1, EXT2, side AV, HDMi1, HDMi2, YPBPR, VGA/PC.”

“Oh mother, You’re such a controller freak.”