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Shades of the Vagabonds

May 6, 2015

Sonakshi Sinha to be the face of Foster Grant Signature


Eighty six years ago the first mass produced sunglasses were sold. The brand that made them were FGX International and the Foster Grant range continues to be the world’s largest distributors of sunglasses, outselling all their competitors. Gina Lazaro, Chief Marketing Officer at FGX International had this to say about the future of the company. “Before that first sale of 10 cent Foster Grant sunglasses, protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays was limited only to those who could afford custom made sunglasses. Foster Grant’s relationship with Restoring Vision, continues that tradition of providing affordable eyewear that can impact and change people’s lives.”

With these words ringing in my eyes I decided that it was time for me to own a pair of Foster Grant’s sunglasses. No more of the cheap and nasty plastic jobs that fall apart in a million different ways: lens clipping out, legs breaking, cracked rims, bridges that even sticking plaster can’t fix, nose pads digging into nose bone, screw hinge boring into sclera, jagged earpiece doing its best to Van Gogh you. It’s not kite marks they should put on these weapons of mass production but warning signs.

Expecting no more serious injuries once I had the real McCoist’s on me you could have knocked me down with a hawk’s feather when I saw the price of Foster’s. My eyes popped and I almost needed a drink of Foster’s. What’s so special about theses goggles anyway? It’s not as if I can watch the solar eclipse (quite a regular occurrence nowadays, there’s two due next week) with them without my Icarus pupils melting. Or see through walls with them. Or adjust the yaw, roll and pitch when I want to rotate. It was time to leave behind Foster Grant, I was going back to my roots.

Drawn also back to the comfort of mother I was astounded to see that mother had bought a new pair of eyeglasses. My jaw hit the floor that fast it bungeed back up. She’d only gone and bought a pair of Ray-Ban’s.


No, this is not my mother!

My mother was enjoying her little bit of luxury and while I fretted and frowned about my inheritance I was happy for her. Me, I’m still without any sunglasses but with no sunshine in sight, these are days for naked eyes.