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Just add salt and pepper

March 5, 2012

This is a true story.

Why do women like snakes? It beats me. A friend told me last week of a female work colleague that owned a pet python. She loved this reptile as if it were a bunny rabbit. Notwithstanding the fact the snake could probably eat a bunny rabbit. The woman and the snake were devoted partners and she let the slitherer sleep in the same room as her.

The snake’s usual diet was rats. It went off rats. Weeks turned into months and the snake was refusing to eat. Alarmed, the woman surmised something was wrong and took the snake to the vet. It was there that the animal doctor came away with the chilling comment.

“There’s nothing wrong with the python. It has been sizing you up as you are on the petite side and was intending to eat you.”‚Äč

The woman, deflated, though thankfully not squashed could only murmur.

“Are you telling me my pet is a cannibal?”

“Not at all, lady. As a vet, I can assure you, you are not a snake.”