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It’s going to be a H2O Halloween

October 27, 2013

Halloween. A time of the year when everyone has a license to thrill by dressing up. Previously, guisers only decked out in ghoulish garb as befit’s the pagan festival that is the dark heart of Halloween. Now you can go to a party dressed as Bob the builder or Lady Ga Ga.



Our household and close family observe the ritual of Halloween by having a party with all the rites associated with the day/night. Dooking for apples is a treat that even the grown-ups enjoy. Of course, after the event we don’t eat the apples we convert them into cider using home made techniques. Waste not, want not and all that.

This year it was suggested at a recent family meeting that the forthcoming party should be a fancy dress occasion. Sane minds had left the room and the motion was passed. Now it was every man, woman and child for himself, or herself, whatever the anatomy may be. Conversation was in whispers as no one wanted to reveal what would be their costume. This level of secrecy could mean that two Barbarellas might turn up. Too bad. Or too good depending on who was wearing the outfit. If you know what I mean.

Nonetheless, the die was cast and the cast departed to put their thinking caps on. The party had now turned in to a competition to see who could have the best fancy dress. My thinking cap went into over the top mode. Immediately, obvious guises were binned. Cowboys are old hat and I’m too tall to be a Stormtrooper(sic). Something special was required. I surfed the internet looking for ideas. Nothing hit me until it hit me that it was staring me right me in the face. A surfer.

All I need to be a surfer is a surfboard and a pair of budgie smugglers.

silver surferI considered the idea of being the Silver Surfer but discarded it as I’ve seen Goldfinger and know what happens when you cover your complete body with paint. No gold or silver for me I will bronze myself up to win first prize.

With the party scheduled at a relative’s house only days away I can hardly wait to spring my entrance. The surfboard is going to bring the house down. How good is it going to be at a party with a surfboard? I won’t need a taxi, I’ll just surf along the wet pavement, absorbing all the admiration I’m getting from the skateboarders and roller skaters.

Then when I get there the mayhem can begin. Buzz Lightyear will have a job dooking out an apple but I can just jump in the basin with my board and splash those apples out. This might ruin the game but hey, surfs up.

Music will be playing and where there’s music there’s dancers. The other dancers will be in mortal danger when I surf onto the dance floor. The rocking board will sweep everyone off their feet. For the slosh I’ll pick my board up and hold it under my arm. When it’s time to turn I’ll wipe out half the village. So there goes Rambo, Ginger Spice and Hannibal Lecter to name a few.

The surfboard could double up as a huge tray and carry drinks and food to various parts of the room. Balancing the board could be tricky with the end result being inevitable spillage. Wonder Woman wouldn’t look so hot with sauce all down her front and Tarzan, well, he’s just wet.

Wish me luck.