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Coal on the rocks

March 17, 2012

No one needs reminded that fossil fuels are a finite commodity. Eventually, alternative energy sources will have to be refined. The prediction on what reserves are left varies from one poll to another as forecasting these amounts is an inexact science. One thing that is undeniable is the huge cost to consumers as costs are always rising in this industry.

If I can play the Cassandra card here I forecast that one commodity that will last forever is cola. Since cola was invented it has had its knockers even though it has always been top drawer material.

Just as whisky connoisseurs have a preference, Coca-Cola is my favourite cola. Originally marketed as a medicine, the first cokes were laced with cocaine. That’s right, a dose of coke was dabbed in the cola. How stimulating must that concoction have been? Before long the cocaine was left out of the beverage and the new coca-cola went on to rule the world until they made new coke and had to backtrack.

Although Coca-Cola is it, I do imbibe other brands. So as not to let the waitress feel saddened when she informs me that they only have Pepsi, when I make my order I utter “cola” to avoid any unseemly incidents. In passing I would like to say that Virgin cola has a pleasant taste. Sadly, it seems to have slipped off a lot of menus and is hard to find these days.

The bad press that Coca-Cola receives can get out of hand as everyone wants to kick those at the top. And then I saw this.

Now I like sugar like any daddy, faithfully taking two spoonfuls in every cup of tea, but these pyramids were food for thought. I swear some of my teeth fell out just looking at the picture. It was time to wean myself off the caramel based toxin. It has been a struggle. Withdrawal is pure hot chicken. My taste buds have felt the pungent liquid of Lilt and Orangeade as I seek alternative “softies”. The doctor suggested milk and I replied I already take that with corn flakes and a ladle of sugar. The last resort is to go back to the brown stuff and drink beer only.