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Bursting with energy

July 24, 2012

Klaus Schaefer, chief of Ruhrgas and of E.ON Energy Trading, said recently that he is not worried by the prospect of new suppliers from places like Azerbaijan coming into European markets. Traditional suppliers will mostly keep their position, he predicted.

All this hot air talk was choking me and I uttered my usual substitute swear word “fox” in exasperation. It occurred to me that everyone has a few “buzzwords” that they use regularly. I must confess in my case I do say brilliant quite often. This is my good word. We all have a word we use for good. Because good isn’t good enough, now is it? For good some will say super, some say excellent, Some say you beauty, B.Keeper says the bees knees (obviously), some will colloquialise with the resplendent- ya dancer. The following story, from nearly thirty years ago, is of one persons catchphrase and its annoyance on the group.

* * * * *

There were five of us in the pub: three boys and two girls. The odd number was a worry for the boys who had just met the said girls. Not that they’d said much so far. One of our gang was trying his best with his tried and failed chat-up lines. This time it seemed to work as one of the girls proceeded to answer him. Soon she was gabbing like Logan to all of us and nobody else could get a word in edgewise, Ernie Wise or centre wise. It soon became apparent to us that she had a substitute word for good. Her’s was electric. Everything was electric.

Those denims you’re wearing. They’re electric.

The Eurythmics last single was electric, wasn’t it?

Did you see Happy Days last night? It was electric.

The Adidas brand is electric.

That girl over there. Her ear rings are electric.

As we shuddered and shouldered on throughout the electrical storm she was blowing in her conversation, she told us that last week she was holidaying in London. She said she got the train down and back. One of the boys couldn’t help himself and quickly steamed in with the riposte.
“Was it diesel or electric?”

* * * * *

Are friends electric or what? OK moving on, let’s not get too technical. I can’t find the Poll widget in Blogger so it is just a straight count of hands. I’m of the opinion one of the songs is brilliant while the other makes me say fox. It’s up to you, though, dear viewer. Of the following “electric” songs what is your favourite? You don’t need to listen all the way through, the first minute of each song gives you a gist of what they’re about.

OMD = 1.

AC/DC = 0.