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Three chances to crack the password

November 22, 2015

Doormen in the Speakeasies of the prohibition era refused entry to thirsty patrons if they didn’t know the password. Now, I wasn’t around in that bygone age but I would Eden Hazard a guess that the passy was a speak easy word to say. something like -De Beers or Slurpity Slurp.

Scottish speakeasies were easily entered with a simple “Jimmy sent me”. Others opened a welcoming door by knocking three times on the door. The Beethoven speakeasy used three knocks then a louder one.

Imagine if illegal gin joints were in use today. We’d all be drier than an Arab’s sandal. Only a gifted few would be able to recite the dazzling code word. This is because sophisticated and complicated passwords are necessary to stop hackers accessing our e-mails and online details. Use capitals, numbers and symbols we are told to create a strong password. It’s just that they’re so hard to remember.

And it’s not just passwords I’ve forgotten. I’ve disremembered  some of my own e-mail addresses. And I’m not the only one. We all use multiple e-mails and, invariably, lose a few along the way. They’re out there floating in cyberspace. Probably, stuffed at the mailbox.

To help with remembering and to make the password reasonably difficult for hackers to copy, I usually go down the basketball route by using scores from NBA games.






Going back to prohibition, Al Capone and his mob were a bit lax and would have been easily easily hacked by a half-decent encryptor. No wonder everyone was blind drunk and off the wagon in those days. They would all have been dancing on the ceiling and knocking on the pipes.