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To Subscribe or not to Subscribe

March 30, 2011

When visiting a news or magazine website the proprietors will try to entice you to subscribe to their printed manuscript, normally in the form of a little pop-up form. Extra benefits are promised as certain periodicals have material that can only be accessed by subscribers only.

Personally, I have always avoided subscribing to printed magazines even though the inducements to new subscribers are favourable. I would always worry about when the first issue of my tenure would be delivered and therefore I’d continue to buy my magazine from the shops. Terrifyingly, I could end up with two copies of the same issue. More alarmingly, is the possibility of an issue getting lost in the post; it does happen. The procedure of informing the seller of the problem is too dramatic an event for me.

My sub-editor, duly demoted from photographic duties and trying to steer his way back into favour, insisted we should set up a follow by E-Mail service. Using this Blogger facility, the reader would be alerted to new posts. We have always strived to be original in our prose though in this instance we have to venture into cliché: the articles would be “Hot off the press”, as they say.

Nearing lunchtime I was unsure as I didn’t want to be spammed. The sub-editor interrupted me by claiming it won’t be us that gets spammed it will be the readers. He went on. And they wouldn’t bother because it would be good spam as it was our spam. Still hesitating, he won me over when he said “our competitors do it.” Our competitors do it (I always repeat things when I’m angry), those charlatans.

To seal the deal, stick the icing on the cake, put the bribe in subscribe, we decided to give a surprise present to every reader who takes advantage of our offer. And every prize will be different and unique. What more could you ask for? Corporate enlightenment, up to date market information, incisive commentary and a free lucky bag gift. You don’t get this with the Financial Times.