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Musical Graves

January 26, 2010

Ricardo Viola was not the World Hopscotch Champion for nothing. His dedication to his craft ensured he left no stone unturned, no rock unrolled and no boulder not given the hard shoulder in his desire to stay one jump ahead of the opposition.

A charge was stigmatised that Viola was so good he had done a deal with the Devil. He denied the rumours and blamed the Charlie Daniels Band and their one-hit wonder song “The Devil went down to Georgia”. My name is Viola and not fiddle, he would shout, although the term fiddle may refer to any bowed string musical instrument. For his profession he said that a deal with the ghost of Fred Astaire would be more helpful.

As the Championships were soon to be played, he practiced more than he’d ever done before. He wandered the streets at night looking for a suitable venue to hone his skills. He trained until the witching hour and made his way home. For quickness he decided to take a short cut through a graveyard.

Deep into the cemetery he thought this was a bad idea. If the paparazzi could see him now all those allegations would have some corroboration. And then he stepped on someone’s grave and the sound was the sound of a sombre G note.

Slightly shaken, Viola looked at the line of graves set up in neat rows and saw in the splinter of his mind’s eye the appearance of a hopscotch heaven. He jumped once, then twice quickly, then once again on the melancholic G note as it aired a deathly tune. He repeated the sequence and as he leaped two graves the note emitted from this crypt was an atmospheric B note.

It is a little known fact that hopscotch experts have an uncanny ear for music and Viola began to skip from grave to grave and the noise was one of unremitting grimness. Mephistopheles stood in the wings and applauded. A band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

Chopin’s piano sonata No. 2, opus 35.

Don’t tell me you were expecting Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts