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From Alba to Ahab

December 24, 2009

He laughed out loud. Luxuriating in the soapy bath his big feet dangled over the taps and had suds of froth on the toes, he laughed again. The perfumed aroma of his bubble bath was instilling feelings of pure bliss. Cleanliness as well as being next to Godliness is also next to happiness.

With thoughts of delight pouring through his mind, an image of Jessica Alba surfaced in his brain. Alba, now there’s a name. In Gaelic it means Scotland and in Latin it means white. In Southern Mediterranean countries it is a place name. A good bath does get you thinking but the trivia was abandoned and lusty visions of Miss Alba in Sin City submerged into his consciousness.

Lost in this desirable daydream he drifted below the waterline and into the depths. Far down the water was clear and swimming towards him was a gargantuan Sea Serpent. This creature from Scandinavian mythology began to encircle his neck and he grabbed it with both hands. The serpentine monster was very strong and pulsed with excited energy. The more he struggled with the snake and the tighter he squeezed it the more pain he felt.

Almost out of breath but strangely close to pleasure he broke free from the Leviathan and crashed through the bubbling waves. Taking in large gulps of air he felt his intelligent self again. Still his feet protruded at the bottom of the bath lathered in cream and he laughed. Well you know what they say about men with big feet…or is it big hands…or is it a big nose or is it…? Ad infinitum.