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Overrated: Julia Louis Dreyfus

October 19, 2013

The curse of Seinfeld.

elaineThis is a term used to describe subsequent sit-com failure by an actor after achieving phenomenal back slaps in a successful show. Coined after the first projects worked on by three of the main characters in Seinfeld crashed and burned in the ratings.

Since then the woman that played Elaine Benes in Seinfeld has bounced back clutching a string of TV awards. Benes was played by Julia Louis Dreyfus. One guy’s worcester is another guy’s ketchup but for me Seinfeld was top of the pops. The only low point in the show being JLD. No matter how hard she tried she just wasn’t funny. The Seinfeld scripts were comedy gold but Dreyfus couldn’t make me smile once.

The usual storyboard of an episode concerned the four characters having their individual stories which would intertwine with one another in an arc and end with resolution all round. I hated when Dreyfus had the screen time. Her facial mannerisms and the timing of her lines was all wrong. I cringed for her. Her character co-stars Jerry, Kramer and Costanza were accomplished performers that had moments of real genius in some of their works. Against this trio it is no wonder Dreyfus was nothing more than a water carrier.

As the careers of Kramer (Michael Richards) and Costanza (Jason Alexander) have stalled JLD is the toast of Emmy land as she sweeps all before her scooping up best comedy actress trophies like Meryl Streep on speed (or was that Sandra Bulloch?). Dreyfus has pulled the wool over the selectors eyes which is not a bad thing for them as then they can’t see her awful acting.