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Not in Wisden #11: Two Tribes

February 21, 2015

For the time being we will give a bye to the stories (real and fictional) from the nostalgic world of the Glasgow and District County Cricket Championship (GDCCC) and focus on the small matter of the cricket World Cup that is currently in progress.

A popular type of post in the blogosphere is the one that contains lists. You will have read many of these. The title of an article grabs your attention and your curiosity makes you click the link. You are another visitor that has been sucked in by the effectiveness of this advertising technique. The internet seductress that is the published list is right up there with the flounce in garnering stats. Who could not fail to be entranced by headliners like-

Top 10 celebrity wig-wearers.
Fifty thousand best mother-in-law jokes.
The nine best CSI quips before the opening theme tune.
Two best books by Harper Lee.
Nineteen different ways to crack your fingers.
Seven reasons why floorboards creak
The number one business blog in cyberspace (refresh this page for the answer)

Any fan of cricket will tell you they admire good play no matter who it is from (except Australia). Nonetheless, while admiring all good batters and bowlers and fielders I have a top six favourite teams that grace this glorious game. When they play I am rooting and tooting and mitcham for them. Here is the list. Go for it, umpire. Let’s Play.

1. England
2. Lancashire
3. West Indies
4. Blackpool
5. Cambridge University (it’s a boat race thing)
6. Jamaica

Fate threw a googly (the wrong ‘un not to be confused with the confounded wrong one google). England, Land of Hope and Glory, are to play Scotland in a World Cup fixture this Sunday evening. In any other sport I would be lion rampant roaring my home nation on but this is cricket. I have supported the three unrampant- to be fair, We did have some Ashes glory along the way- lions England for twenty years. Something has to give. Am I to let Scotland do a Frankie Goes To Hollywood with their 45″ single, Relax, and jump straight to number one? Or do I stick?

This is too much for me as my two favourite countries on Earth prepare to do battle. I have to quote Rex the scaredy-cat dinosaur from Toy Story. “I don’t like confrontations”.