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Two Tribes go to the mattresses

May 13, 2011

Cyber surfers must be sick of reading about Word Press v Blogger match reports. The pro’s and con’s of both platforms are well-documented and these two giant blog-service providers divide public opinion sometimes to the detriment of more important issues. For instance, the ongoing legal dispute between Barbie and Bratz over ownership rights has been pushed to the sidelines. Barbie’s boyfriend Ken is not happy with this.

I had a domain over at Word Press (WP) which I retired or so I thought. Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in.

Sensing an opportunity against a weakened Blogger, the WP CEO paid me an unexpected visit. With SWAT precision he grounded his helicopter on my Helipad. He produced important documents and made me an offer that was hard to refuse. Come back over to them or I’ll wake up with a dead tractor at the bottom of my bed. Now I’ve been headhunted before and I don’t scare easily- I’ve seen Saw and all its Roman numeral sequels- it was the Massey Ferguson 690 I was worried about. 4×2 2WD chassis, 90 inch wheelbase, 52.38 drawbar horse power. It was too beautiful to die.

(Drop dead gorgeous: The Massey Ferguson 690)

Alerted to WP’s overtures, at a stroke the CEO of Blogger, shot straight from Blogger HQ, jettisoned in from a cannonball to the bottom of my swimming pool. After it was hung out and dried, a new improved contract for me at Blog Spot was put on the table. WP man doubled the stakes on his manuscript forcing Blogger guy to raise his price. The bidding and counter-bidding continued. This was a live version of e-bay with my worthless vocation at stake. We reached DEFCON I. The WP executive called in Action Man.

This was a considerable show of strength as it was the figure with the movable eagle eyes. Resistance was pointless against this formidable commando as he frog-marched me towards the dotted front line. Then from outside the window a car’s horn was heard. Looking out I saw Ken. Yes, that Ken. With Barbie never out of court these days Ken had nothing to do so he fancied a fight. Furthermore he had brought back-up. In the pink car all dressed in pink battle fatigues was someone familiar.

“Hello sailor boy! I’ve come to save your rear, umm, career.”