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One more cup of tea for the road

September 12, 2011

On the commodities front, coffee fell to a two-week low on concern that slowing economies will dent demand as supplies climb. The temperamental coffee market is economically sensitive and prices had gotten well above where the fundamental values say they should be. Shares in all the major coffee firms have plummeted.

During a lunch break last week I overheard a diner remark to a colleague on what a beautiful coffee table they were dining on. I had grounds to rebuff his sugary sweet comment because I’m a tea drinker. Why is it not called a tea table? Is it anything to do with the poor alliteration? I’m not trying to stir the pot here but why are us tea drinkers given such short shrift? The snobbery of the coffee genie knows no bounds; none of them would be seen dead with a T-mobile phone.

Being brought to the boil by the raving injustice that tea drinkers have to face, I stared at the other drinkers that were dotted around the room. Tetley’s bitter! There seems to be lots more alternative choices on the menu than tea or plain coffee. There’s a plethora of fancy coffees on the market: Cappuccino, Skinny Latte, Café Bombon, Macchiato to name a few, not forgetting the ghastly dubbed one called Green Eye. Not being intimidated in the least by the coven of coffeeistas I slurped my tea with a vengeance.

The response was instant. A Café Mocha drinker took three, quick as an espresso train, slugs of her poison. Unperturbed, I drained my cup and let out a huge gasp of satisfaction. She was running out of steam as her next sip was pitiful; she was crumbling like her coffee cookie accompaniment. I had plenty more left in the tank or to be more precise the teapot. The teapot, Ha! Your coffee pot’s up at the counter. I poured myself seconds from the pure porcelain piece of perfection that is the teapot spout. What have they got? A coffee pot is just a jumped up jug.

The pretentious coffee drinkers were giving me the pinkie in the air gesture so I decided to play my joker. As they imbibed their strange beverage looking as smug as milk I got their attention all right. My tea was a bit warm so rather than blowing on the surface I tilted my cup and let the flavour flood out onto my saucer. Now at the perfect temperature due to the wider area of the wild plains of the small plate, the tea was ready. I dived headlong into the pool of boiled dried leaves. Soon the tea break was up and it was now time for the pub. Let’s hope there are no lager drinkers in there; I’m a real ale man, born and brewed.