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The Sentinel’s Tale

March 19, 2011

Any casual viewer of Bloomberg television or CNBC would be forgiven for not having an earthly what the visuals are all about. Information overload is screened as the broadcasters funnel and cram as much statistics as possible; carbon copying an almanac of Wisden.

Only a superhuman computer could decipher and decide what margins are worth buying or selling. Therefore, it is a team game and excuse me while I plagiarise Blair to an extent, it’s all about delegation, delegation, delegation. This week I have given the responsibility for uploading images to my sub-editor as I am fed up doing all the work here.

The bewildering figures in the graphics above are a cornucopia of yields, futures and share prices. Understanding the glossary of terms is one thing, remembering them, another. Even logging in to your accounts can be problematic as there’s so many passwords to remember.

Passwords go back to well before the internet age. One time my dad had a week’s holiday and for a bit of fun, every day when my sister and I returned from school he would take guard behind the front door.

“What’s the password?”

All week we remembered the magic word and gained entry to our house. I still wonder what he would have done if we forgot. Friday came and it was about the time we were due home. There was a knock at the door. He opened the letterbox and mouthed.

“What’s the password?”

My dad had forgotten that my gran, who lived with us, was unwell and my mum had phoned for the doctor to pay a house call. Unfortunately, for my dad, the medical man had appeared seconds before us.

“I don’t know the password.” said the doctor.

Just then we arrived and said the password, thus bypassing the sentry and delivering the doctor to my suffering gran. After this day, my dad avoided the doctor’s surgery like the plague. He still fears the men in white coats.