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Ghost story

August 27, 2011

A group of middle aged men sat around a camp fire and told each other ghost stories. This is one of the tales. This is Cordoba Mendoza’s story.

I was an only child and had a room all to myself. This was great during the day when I could pretend to be anything I wanted as I played with my toys. At night it was lonely.

We lived in a street that ran parallel to a new motorway. There weren’t as many vehicles back then compared to today’s unrelenting traffic. From my window I could count the cars and Lorries as they passed. When I was out with my mum I came across a man wearing a yellow jacket who was counting cars on a calculator device. I wanted to be him when I grew up.

To help me get to sleep I would watch the lights of cars as their illumination passed through the window blinds and blazed a trail over the ceiling before finally disappearing. From my bed I could track the various speeds using the simple time and distance formula.

With expectation I would wait for the next car to pass my house. Sometimes it was a long vigil, as I said, traffic was quiet, more so in the dead of night. This was how I got through my lonely nights.

One night it was exceptionally quiet until I sensed an approaching car. I felt great joy towards this night time traveller as his dazzling light gave me some comfort.

The beam from the head lamp traversed the side wall and snaked across the roof of my room.

Then it stopped.

Halfway across.

This had never happened before.

The sparkling fire work beam of the stationary vehicle remained on the ceiling. Its brightness was brighter than a thousand and one suns. It hung there like an alien space craft.

Scarily other late night drivers continued on their journey. Their lights whizzed right through the frozen light as if it were invisible.

But it wasn’t.

This one big eyeball light stared at me from on high.

Another car and another light invaded my room. This one was travelling very slowly, almost at a snail’s pace. Eventually it stopped at the precise same place as the original intruder.

For many tense minutes I knew something unknown and unbelievably strange was going to happen. Gradually, one of the lights extricated itself from the other and ambled along the flight path on the ceiling until it got to the end and vanished.

Still one orb remained.

The light flashed on and off a few times.

Then it slowly moved off leaving the room in darkness.

That night I vowed never to count cars again.