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Keeping Whizz out in front

November 19, 2011

As the economic crisis shows no sign of abating this is a boom time for business blog sites. There are millions of websites out there offering advice and analysis of the global financial problems facing investors and creditors alike. When we first started we had a choice between writing about monetary matters or science. With current affairs programmes and news bulletins awash with the latest disaster affecting the financial world, it looks like we made the right decision. I don’t think they even teach science in schools nowadays.

We can’t rest on our laurels, though. We have to continue to present a fresh and different outlook that can blow away our competitors. It’s a cut-throat business the business blog business. Many respected pages have already passed into history. I chaired the monthly meeting where we could discuss and possibly implement new measures to keep ten steps ahead of the opposition.

In attendance were myself, the sub-editor and my secretary. Before we go any further my secretary is the hard-working lady in the header. She seems destined to be forever climbing the paper mountain. She is called Hillary. Her parents named her after Edmund Hillary, I’d guess. The sub-editor shall remain nameless. Here are some selected minutes from said meeting.

Sub: Why don’t we sell advertising space on this page?

Me: We’ve went through this before. I’m not selling out to shady organisations like the Olive Oil group. If we let them in just even one little bit, they’ll swallow us up like they did the Marmot Foundation and we’ll be nothing but a subsidiary.

Sub: Cool, then I’d be a subsidiary sub-editor.

Hillary: Has anyone seen the Expat United file? I thought I’d logged it under blue chip companies.

Me: Hillary, come down from there for a minute. Go. Jump. I’ll catch you.

(She jumps. I catch her. Don’t tell Mrs W)

Sub: Horoscopes are the future. We should publish a weekly chart with good news for all twelve star signs.

Me: No way. This website has always dealt in hard truth. At no time have we strayed into fantasies and I’m not going to start now. If we take our eye off the ball for a second and start making things up, the readership would never forgive us.

Sub: OK then, what about a cartoon strip? All newspapers have them.

Me: Too expensive. Have you seen the prices for one of the big franchises? It costs a bomb to run a Hagar the Horrible strip. As for Sylvester and Tweetie-Pie, forget it. That darned canary and his exotic islands would bankrupt us.

Hillary: Why don’t we make our own? After all, we have always prided ourselves on our originality.

Me: Hillary, I think I love you. (Don’t tell Mrs W)