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A Head for Heights

January 12, 2010

The magnificent Burj Khalifa Skyscraper is a colossal 2716 feet in height (or 828 metres for the metric minded) and has recently become the World’s largest building. Situated in downtown Dubai it is a monument to man’s quest to be the best and the Dubaians can boast their dad is bigger than your dad.

(Big Burj and little Eiffel)

Progress does hurtle on remorselessly and old fashioned ideals are swept away by today’s technological Marvels. New benchmarks and new landmarks are created at an alarming rate in our present now, new, now, new, new, now society. As redundant as your Betamax the good old days are nothing but a memory.

A thing that was missing in ancient times was the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This is an organisation that tangles businesses in red tape, sticky toffee pastry and Velcro (?).When expecting a visit from the HSE, every employer will clean and polish their factories as if HM the Queen was on her way. Not for nothing do HSE employers think the world smells of disinfectant. We didn’t have these meddling, nosey parker, pesky kids (copyright Scooby-Doo) when I worked on the building sites. Good job too, as in those prehistoric times we cut more corners than Michael Schumacher.

Years ago when I worked in construction I was helping to build the Red Road Flats in Springburn, Glasgow. These are the largest high rise flats in Europe, although they are being demolished soon. A lot of dodgy practices were practiced during the creation of the towering behemoths.

Here is an old photograph of me and my apprentice. I’m the guy on the left. Isn’t my friend a big girl’s blouse? He’s wearing a safety helmet.