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The Wavemakers

July 27, 2012

Marlon Brando’s only film as a director was One Eyed Jacks. This was a western melodrama about revenge. Brando also acted in the film that was over four hours long in its original cut. Brando was a perfectionist behind the camera. Notoriously, he had the whole crew and cast wait during one of the coastal scenes as he wanted the perfect wave in the background. The film troop sat on the ground like soldiers waiting for the call to arms. Much cost and time later Brando got his wave. The cinematography in the movie is stunning, including the wave.

Cheerio waves, on the other hand, are not stunning and I have decided to wave no more. Waving is an embarrassing gesture and I have my reputation to uphold. A nod and a spoken goodbye are suitable exit strategies for leaving company. Moving away while flourishing a wave is farewell overkill. Stricken family members can sob all they want, sitting by the room window waving for all they’re worth as I go out to make an honest dollar. I will not wave back.

There are numerous ways to wave. Some like to wiggle their fingers, others will bob their hand from side to side like a pendulum. Quite hypnotic that wave. Then there are the pseudo-Indians, sorry, pseudo-native Americans who utilise a steady palm in imitation of a big Chief’s How. They’re wrong to do this. The How greeting means hello and not goodbye.

Of course, there are waves that are done to catch someone’s attention. The person you’re trying to intercept might be across the road or some distance away. This is normally a two-handed, palms facing your face, backward flapping movement wave. I’m not going to do that type of wave either. The c’mere wave can cause confusion as the wrong person might wave back. You don’t want a wave from a stranger, now do you? You don’t know where their waves have been.

Waves have now become obsolete in my little world.
A world without waves. Old Marlon would have been waiting for ever.

* * * * *
After last week’s crushing defeat for heavy metal in the head to head, it’s just a pop song this week. Boo-hiss.