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Greatness treads this Earth with giant steps

February 11, 2015

The word genius is overused and commentators affix this term to individuals that are plainly not geniui. There’s no argument that Da Vinci, Newton, Goethe and Nastase were blessed with genius genes. You could even make a case for Galileo Figaro Magnifico to be included in the list but generally there’s an overload of lesser mortals that are promoted beyond their abilities. I discovered an anonymous genius in the most unknowlegdeable of surroundings: the library.

While browsing the shelves of paperbook nirvana a title caught and captivated my eye. I eased the tome from its squashed tomb. I’ve always checked out how many pages in a book before reading it while, of course, trying not to see the ending. It was here that I saw genius at work. The second last page of the 403 page book had its corner turned in which signifies that the reader had bookmarked it. Two pages from the end. Genius.

Ordinarily I abhor the lazy folding of pages but this was sublime. This unknown vandaliser had taken this horrible art form and transformed it into a thing of beauty. There were so many variables that my head was drowning in questions. Why did the reader stop so near the end?
Was it time to get off the bus?
Did the phone ring?
Was he too tired and just drop off to sleep?
Did he want to eke out the denouement?
And, most geniusly, did he actually finish the book?

This was right off the spectrum of ingenuity and approaching God status. How many times have you began a book and not made it to the end? You tried your best but halfway in or less the novel was used as a frisbee. This lacks the panache of giving up with one page to go. That is worth boasting about. “Yeah I was on page 401 and suddenly I got bored. I don’t care how it ends”. All genius is twinned with madness.

Warning the next paragraph will be the last. If you’ve got the gist of this post you will know what to do. Geniuses may stop reading now and apply a bookmark.

You couldn’t stop yourself now, could you? You had to see it through to the end. The End. Cue Looney Tunes tune. Di, di-di, di-di, di dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit di-diiiii.