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Bolano cut short in his prime

March 5, 2011

A or I could qualify as being as short as it gets, short story wise, as both of these letters are words. B, C, G, K, O, P, R, T, U and Y, while they could be construed as words are not. B is not the same as bee or C for sea; need I go on. However, legible as the first two are, they’re not really a riveting read.

For those of us that feel a full length novel is a book too far, “shorties” are right up our street. Read in one go and as fulfilling as a meringue. Complete literary license in the word meringue by the way, insert your own cake of choice.

Captivated by the blurbs, I journeyed into the shorter works of the late, much-admired by the literary set, Roberto Bolano. Bolano’s shorts are snippets from a section in the participant’s life; (more…)