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3.Leviticus- The highs and laws of Blackpool Cabaret

March 11, 2011

With razzmatazz trimmings, Caesar’s Palace has had Celine Dion, Elton John and Cher captivate and entertain some seriously rich concertgoers. The Vegas of the North has got by with luminaries like Cannon and Ball and Little and Large. Currently doing the rounds of the pier is the Legends Show. Essentially, this is tribute acts of various qualities depending on the amount of John Smith Bitter that’s been necked.

From the professionalism of Ken Dodd to Elvis impersonators to hotel hopping singers/comedians to amateur street entertainers, Blackpool has artistes in abundance. There’s the human statue that doesn’t blink, the plate-jugglers that keep on spinning and the guy who will take your photo with his monkey. Yeah that’s right, that’s his gig. He takes a snapshot of you, grinning with a monkey.

All the world’s a stage and we all must play our part. After some serious Strictly Come Dancing cha-cha-chaing in the ballroom of the Tower and guzzling many Bitter’s, our party retired to the stalls. It was here that my good friend, Rab, did his party trick. The first big hearty laugh you hear is me, the lady guffawing is Rab’s missus and finally my son cackles at the end. We have no idea who is doing the gurning noise. Maybe one of the disgruntled dancers from the dance floor.

Apologies for the poor uploading. This was taken from a camera phone. Rab also has in his repertoire, The lift, The Escalator going up and a marvellous Going down the Stairs routine.