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4. Numbers- nine titles, one shared

September 16, 2011

One of the attractions of the fabulous seaside Lancastrian town of Blackpool is its bingo. Friendly hotels offer relatively cheap games that are full of fun with the bonus of some big cash for the eventual winner. Bingo is, of course, a game all about luck. It doesn’t detract from the fun when the caller can, without fail, tickle you pink with the bingo number nicknames and phrases.

Cup of tea. Number 3. (note: no coffee references)
Key of the Door. Number 21.
Droopy drawers. Number 44.
Heinz varieties. Number 57.
Crutch with a flea. Number 73.
Nearly there. Number 89.

At last, after all the sevens (admittedly, not the best of the bingo shouts), seventy seven years without championship success, I have great pleasure (beach) in congratulating Lancashire county cricket club on finally shouting house by becoming county champions of 2011.

All season I have followed their fortunes in newsprint hoping that the red rose county would triumph. My loyalty to Blackpool has extended county wide to make them my favourite English county cricket side. On a riveting cup of tea, three-sided final day race to the crown, Lancs prevailed against the odds yesterday with luck having nothing to do with it, only skill and determination.

Lancashire not only boasts the best cricket writer in the world, Michael Atherton’s magnificent cricket articles that appear in The Times, we (yes I said we) have the finest mascot: Lanky the giraffe. I’ll stick my neck out here and say, if you’ve got to have a mascot there can be no finer creature than a cuddly giraffe. He’s as big a crowd puller as a bingo caller.