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Party Games and Songs

January 29, 2011

In a few days time it will be my friend’s daughter’s nineteenth birthday. She had a party for her tenth birthday and my youngest son, then aged eight, was there. This was a big birthday bash that was held in a hall. I took my place on the sidelines with other parents and watched the proceedings.

There was a DJ installed who was Master of Ceremonies. He was very good at his job. He captivated his kid audience with various party games and assorted pop tunes. Various prizes were issued to winners in the competitions and generally all was well except my boy had won nothing. Now I knew at the end of the gig there would be a party bag for all the attendant children, that was expected, but the games offered the chance of winning a bonus goodie. And a goodie won is better than a goodie earned (© almost Paul Newman in The Color of Money).

The DJ began a game that was similar to the old TV programme Runaround. The DJ would ask a multiple choice question and in the four corners of the hall were four different colours. The children had to run to where the colour they thought was the correct answer. If they ran to the wrong colour they were out. Gently coaxing my eight year old to learn a code, I coded the answers to him. Everything was going well until a hard question came up and I had to guess the answer for him. I guessed wrong and he was out. To this day he mocks me for my lack of knowledge.

Another great idea of the DJ’s was to have a notice board with a pen attached to an elastic band. Children were invited to write down the names of songs they’d like to hear. Every now and then the DJ would look at the board and play the songs from his vast collection of pop records. The hits included songs by artists such as Britney Spears, The Corrs, Pink, Dido and Mr C the Slide Man. Not my cup of tea, any of this, so I picked the pen up in my left hand and in imitation of a ten year old’s hand writing I wrote: Metallica- Whiskey in the Jar. The DJ ignored my request. Ten years or so down the line the Cha Cha Slide is growing on me but I’m still a die-hard metal fan.