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Things were simple when we were Kings and Queens

June 3, 2015


Summer lasted forever, forever

Forever playing with melted tar
Baking on the pavement
Making our own sticky hieroglyphics
Without a care or an engagement
Watching Borg backhand Connors time after time
Wooden bats and drinks under the high chair
Then our own slice of centre court
In the roads of a carless empire

Forever running through the washing
That hung like angels from the line
Feeling the wetness on our faces
The bedraggled clothing clotheslined
The radio was blaring from a tenement window
While the ice-cream van beat out a merry tune
And much as a scoop hit the spot
Heaven, and longer fun, was a simple balloon



Forever kicking the ball off a wall
With dreams of scoring the winner
High hopes and dreams momentarily scuppered
With the call to come in for dinner
It was when we swapped cards in the playground
The smell of bubble gum
Kola cubes, pear drops, sherbet lemons
The choice was chewing or sucking ’em

Forever thinking of your face
The first kiss is the sweetest
We’re dancing in the summer rain
Not caring if the cold gets us
Grease is the word
And we’re high on Saturday night fever
Bringing on the dancing horses
Our figures caught in the spotlight forever

Forever, Summers lasted forever
But those days are long gone
Yet there is a constant hum
That has outlived Kampuchea and Ceylon
There is one constant consonant
That is a natural wonder
The summer bee, summer bee
Forever summer



Summer is here

July 2, 2012

My good friend Mr Bee Keeper has kindly given me permission to print poems from his forthcoming book- Another collection of Bee poems. I said to him they should be called B-rated poems or even further down the prize-winning scale, F-list poems. He was not amused, he takes his bees seriously. In fact last month one of his bees was not well. Mr Bee Keeper with great skill successfully performed a heart transplant on an ailing bee. I am happy to report the bee has made a full recovery. There you go, a bard and a surgeon. If I were you, I’d look at the photos and skip the poems.

A florist’s dream

If I were a florist
I’d open my doors and windows wide
To let in flower-loving customers
They’d rush in like the tide

I’d cosset all the custys
The custy is always right
The custy I’d love most of all
Would be the one in flight

Welcome dear friend
Have a sniff or two
The nectar is yours for free
Compliments from me to you

I’m sorry, something better has come along

We’d be going out for months
And it was getting serious
I could tell she had plans afoot
Her eyebrows turned the colour of soot
(As they did when she was serious)

She’d been looking at rings
And talking of church bells ringing
Pipers piping and…uh, drums
Bridesmaids with Pippas bums
She had big plans afoot. A wedding!

I had to break the news gently
My heart was with another
She cried and she cried…and cried some more
Before…leaving with a slam of the door
Now I can Bee with my lover

Favourite Pet

You can gawp at your goldfish
Take your dog walkies on a long leash
Give your cat a kiss on the dish
It doesn’t compare
Comes nowhere near
A bee, the king of the air
Give me a B
Give me an E
Give me an other E
And whaddya got?
A Bee
Long live the bees.

All poems © Bee Keeper- 2012

A collection of poems by B.Keeper

January 21, 2011

One of the most beautiful creatures on this planet is the bee. According to a good friend of mine that is an expert on the subject, there are 20,000 different species in the world. Mr Bee Keeper has written extensively on bees and has a new book of poems about the flying insect about to be published. With the author’s permission I have included here three of the odes from the upcoming book. Hope you enjoy and happy thoughts to one and all.


Close to heaven
I saw a kite fly high
By wind driven
It glided in the sky
Of falling
From a great height
It was aware of its calling

Farther down, in the pleasant green
I spied a flying ship with a sting
And I recoiled first, before disarming
For this was no predator
No preening matador
There was no malice in its face
Its masts were set sail to sail with glee
And it hugged on the tree
The bee embraced the flowers round the bark
And on its body bore a kitemark

You can’t kid a kidder

Bedecked with bright colours
I lounge on the decking
Waiting for my discoverer
Waiting, anticipating
The flowers in the garden draw me a quizzical look
Confused by my disguise have they mistook
Me for a Crocus, a Narcissus, an Aramanthus?
Do they see me as a Water Lily, a Chrysanthemum
A Violet or Rosemary
An Ivy or Daisy
Or even an Andy?
A flower is a flower is a flower in my book
And the flowers thought I was one of them

As the sun smiles with a shiny face
There is a buzz about the place
The air is alive with a kaleidoscope of a thousand Joseph coats
I open my drawbridge and drain my moat
The beautiful Princess of the air nears me
Is she pretending not to see me?
She sniffs me and I’m sure she laughed
She disappears; the bees not daft

Summer Day

The ice-cream van airs out a merry chime
I buy my sundae and bask in the summertime
On a deckchair I recline
My ear hears the sound of a whirring whine
From my vantage point I survey the landscape
A wooded garden guarded by a metal gate
Flowers are alive of every colour and shape
The intruder has no intention of escape

I see the bee but does it see me?
It looks busy
Or is it having fun
Rushing about in the sun?
I know next to nothing about bees
When all’s told
But I know when I see one
All’s well in the world

All poems © Bee Keeper- 2011