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First among equals

February 19, 2011

In the colony, by common consent, Dalep Wiltonguru was the most handsome man and therefore was the subject of envy by his male contemporaries. Mucous formed in pools around the mouths of the jealous when Dalep was around. The world is not fair was the general feeling amongst the pride and they wished that they had Dalep’s lovely lesions.

Dalep did not think he was lucky. He roamed the lands of his adopted outpost and women literally threw themselves at his feet. Yet, they disgusted him; this wasn’t because he preferred the company of his resentful, foot-dragging, barely masculine associates. Far from it, he was of the manly opinion that all men are unattractive. Somehow, the ladies found him ravishingly appealing.

In desperation the females would beg Dalep to be their mate. Dalep grimaced as one by one he refused their favours. He was cursed to be loved by the ugliest, most gruesome women that lamely walked this earth. There are no good-looking ladies in a leper colony.