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Under Starter’s orders

February 9, 2013

This blogsite has a huge audience of readers from France- oh alright then it was two until DD unexpatriated herself back to the land of hope and glory- therefore it would be remiss of me not to mention the horse meat scandal that is engulfing the shores of the UK. The French love to chew on a good nag, so am I led to believe. Frogs and snails are also considered delicacies in Gallic parts but we’ll leave them for another day, another scandal.

Firstly, some horse racing trivia just to kill some time. The naming of racehorses in Britain is very carefully controlled by Weatherbys, the company which oversees many administrative areas of the sport. Strict criteria are applied in judging what name a horse can and cannot be given. For example, horses names cannot be longer than 18 characters and spaces and names currently on the Register of Horse Names or names of horses who have won a major flat or jump race cannot be used (so there can only be one Mill Reef or Dancing Brave or Shergar). And most famously, names whose meaning, pronunciation or spelling is obscene or insulting are prohibited.

Shergar. Streets ahead of the rest!

The crisis that has been on every one’s tongue, literally, began with the frozen Tesco hamburgers that had horse meat in them instead of ham, sorry make that beef; the hamburgers name thing is confusing. British consumers, when they found out, were braying mad at this wily plan to Europeanise them. If it was confined to one store the story might have had a short shelf life. Alas, other food chains had to admit they were chomping at the bit, too.

Follow, following on from Tesco, Findus and Aldi joined Tesco in the rogue’s hall of fame. The environment secretary, Owen Paterson, said investigations into how beef products had been contaminated with horsemeat were ongoing but “the evidence so far suggests… it’s either criminal activity or gross negligence”. The UK public waits, with knife and fork in hand, to see what store will next be engulfed in this burgeoning Beecher’s Brook story.

Supermarket chain Aldi said tests on its Today’s Special Frozen Beef Lasagne and Today’s Special Frozen Spaghetti Bolognese showed they contained between 30% and 100% horsemeat. Good for them. The following video shows a set of customers uninterested in any of the meat products. Getting their priorities right, they were only there for the beer.