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The coyote with no accomplices

June 11, 2011

Men who wear braces without a shirt bring recognition to their suspenders. However when they wear a matching scarf there is an overkill of appurtenances on their body. Roughly speaking, too much paraphernalia is not pleasing on the eye. Moderation of accompaniments is the key to being identified and remembered.

As a plain dresser I looked for a furnishing that would most complement my temperament. Both a monocle and a pince-nez were looked at and then discarded as I have eyes that can see in the dark. A walking stick would land me in the jail as up here it would be regarded as a weapon. I flirted with putting Violet in my lapel but she wouldn’t let me.

Running out of appropriate apparatus that fits my character I plumped for the battered brown hat and poncho. I got the feeling I had broken my theory of moderation (more…)