Famous firsts and infamous worsts

First time in a pub: was 15, was smuggled in by older boys, had three vodkas and orange, was stretchered out.

Son’s first cup of coffee: I don’t drink the stuff and neither do the offspring, though my younger son decided to take the plunge into the unknown for experimental reasons. He said “JW Jnr’s first cup of coffee”. After much gurning and vomiting he said “JW Jnr’s last cup of coffee!”

First ever video recorder owned: Betamax!!!! The boffins at school claimed it was the superior technological weapon in the VCR wars. Wonder if I still have time to make a claim for Betamax mis-sold information. In the end the hegemony of VHS was ended by DVD. In hindsight, maybe the makers of Betamax should have abbreviated their product: BTX.

First time ever I saw your face: First heard this on the underrated Clint Eastwood film, Play Misty for Me, sung by Roberta Flack. Multitude of singers have covered this song. One of the best is the haunting version by Johnny Cash.

First blog ever written: Was on Bebo ( who remembers Bebo?). It was a strange tale of me in the waiting room at the doctor’s sitting beside some famous figures. I asked Darth Vader if his sore throat was getting better. As debuts go, it was a precocious start. It’s been downhill ever since.

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3 Comments on “Famous firsts and infamous worsts”

  1. Ah yes, the scary woman in `Play Misty for Me` and Clint`s horrified face at her doings – triffic film. And love this gravelly version of the song – he sounds like beloved Tom Waits.

    How glad we are that Bebo was but the launchpad for your merry and edifying blogs (altho google has confused me with several BTX`s).

    Enjoyed your Firsts… How about First Boyfriends – mine were all called Pete or John in the unimaginative manner of the time and I LOVED them agonisingly.

    First Alcoholic Drink – cider/beer mixed – to be taken at parties to get happily drunk as soon as pos. Followed by terribly Unhappy hangovers.

    First Job – receptionist in motel near Heathrow – mainly businessmen, honeymooners and brief encounter-ers. (The first of many flibbertigibbet 3-month jobs)

  2. theroyalist Says:

    Ahem, I still have not obtained a first boyfriend, Dolores, and am avoiding all Pete and John’s at all costs. (and Ryan and Lee and etc.)

    Ah, Bebo. Those fun days in the sun when the blogs were raw and childlike. Not like today’s polished professional efforts!!!!!

    First film seen at the cinema: Can’t remember, will have to ask mother. She did say that I remarked on entering the picture house “Look at the size of their telly!”

  3. Yes – best to avoid all those Petes & Johns, oh wise JimJakeJoeJoshW.

    My first film at the pictures was either Cinderella or a pirate tale starring Sean Flynn son of Errol. A woman got chucked in a lake full of piranhas, I remember (quite often, I remember it…).

    And first Marmite – Sunday tea at one of those boyfriend`s houses, meeting his parents for first time. Thought marmite was jam, so ladled it on my toast with gusto. Seemed to take about an agonising week to swallow, taking layers of skin with it. (fond memory)

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