Spot the Difference

None that I can see. Both these groups are having fun.

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3 Comments on “Spot the Difference”

  1. Could that be Top Cat? – the other Boss

    How I loved him and his merry song, yet there were always two words that didn`t quite work:

    “…dah dah dah dah call him T.C.
    Providing it`s WINCHESTER TEA”.

    And so, after All these Years, I`ve Bing`d it, JW:

    “Who’s intellectual close friends get to call him T.C.
    Providing it’s WITH DIGNITY.

    “With Dignity” – Now I can go in peace…

    Hope your communing with Bruce was a Joy

  2. theroyalist Says:

    oo-er, Dolores, the cats in the picture are the Aristocats from the Disney film. You being a cat person as well…

    Doesn’t matter, Boss Cat was also a favourite of mine and glad you have unriddled your misheard lyric. It is common in my family to shout out the order that the luckless Officer Dibble received from his superior- “on the double, Dibble!” when someone is slow at making a cup of tea.

    Springy was amazing, as usual.

  3. Oh. The Jungle Book was my last Disney film. And unforgettably wondrous.

    Glad your concert was terrific. (thought briefly that `Springy` was a TopCat cat I`d forgotten).

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