Escaping the Triumphant stunt man

British superbike maker Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is expecting to clock 20-25% sales growth in India in 2017. Triumph sells 15 global models in the country through its many dealerships and more are planned. Well played, Triumph. You can’t keep a good old British Brand down.

The Triumph motorcycle is famous for being Steve McQueen’s two-wheeler of choice. He didn’t just drive his dream machine in The Great Escape he also regularly raced his biking buddies with a Triumph. But it was the film that made him. After it, he went stratospheric and became the biggest star in Hollywood.

Steve did have his moments and I hate to rain on his parade but I have just found out it as not him that did the daring jump over the wire in the film. It was the unknown stuntman, the Fall guy as they’re known. In my universe Steve’s star has waned a tad. Clearly, he wasn’t no Evel Knievel.

There are some actors that do their own stunts but I’m sure the insurance will be through the roof. The stuntmans union would complain as well. There are a number of thrill-seeking part-time stunt man that walk the walk then talk the talk. Listen to this one.

A friend of mine recently did a sky dive for charity. Nicely done, good cause, let’s move on. Nope, not a chance. He told me it was the most amazing feeling ever doing a free fall. He was cajoling others to take the plunge.

Good for you, Daredevil, but I’m not biting the bullet. I’ll escape his clutches by playing it like Steve and sticking myself in the cooler. There’s nothing better than bouncing a ball off the wall.

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3 Comments on “Escaping the Triumphant stunt man”

  1. Nooooooh – it Must have been Him over the wire! Unmistakeable knee-jacking for a start.

    Good for your sky-diving friend – exceeding brave and Bonkers. Falling off a trampoline is Agonising enough, I feel, yet bizarrely not very lucrative for charity.

    (Take Care out there with your ball-bouncing)

  2. theroyalist Says:

    Further investigation revealed that my friend skydived with an experienced skydiver harnessed to him. That’s cheating. Anybody could do that. (except me)

  3. “…with an experienced skydiver harnessed to him”. Well that would improve your chances in all sorts of situations – driving lessons and ten-pin bowling for a start.

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