Happy Birthday, Roger

Roger Meddows Taylor- born July 26th 1949.

Roger Taylor is the third most famous member of the rock supergroup, Queen. This must annoy him as, for example, in the Banana Splits band, all four of the crew are evenly lauded. It’s hard to pick a favourite there. Still, the Queen drummer can console himself with the fact that he was the prettiest member of the band and compared to other rock contemporaries he has weathered well. Old Roger is 64 in a few minutes and we still love him.

Roger sang and wrote a lot of songs for Queen as well as releasing a handful of solo albums. There’s a new one in the works as we speak. He even toured and released a few albums with his own band, The Cross, in which Roger played lead guitar and vocals. So the bronze medallist does have talent. To stop this post from being completely sycophantic we’ll spotlight a few lowlights. Roger’s singing voice is average if you ask me and lyrically his words can be a bit banal. We’ll forgive him his fallacies as who amongst us can cast the first rolling stone? Not me, I still only know two guitar chords.

Incredibly, the 80’s new romantic group, Duran Duran also had a drummer called Roger Taylor. That’s enough about them. Before this there was a British tennis player called Roger Taylor who reached the giddy heights of the top 16 in the men’s singles ratings, even playing the mighty Bjorn Borg during one of the Swede’s great Wimbledon runs.

There’s a lot of famous Roger Taylor’s running about. Today I wish the one that wrote Radio Ga Ga many happy returns.

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12 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Roger”

  1. Yes JW – Roger Tennis Taylor was He who sprang to mind when I saw the title.

    But this Roger is hunky & wondrous too, and his music spreadeth great joy. Joyous Birthday Wishes to him

  2. JW10 Says:

    Hello Dolores,

    Our Roger is a great chap. The “nasty Queenies” (That’s a Freddie quote) have been a big part of my life. Absolutely love their music.

    I can remember the tennis Roger, one of Britain’s best players, now consigned to history by the modern day achievements of Andy Murray. As a fine racqueteer in my day I envy AM. Alas, if only I‘d worked on my volleying more.

    It’s a hobby of mine to check up on birthday’s on this day. Wikipedia gives a full list every day. Fittingly, July 26 throws up Vitas Gerulaitis, a 70’s/80’s tennis player. I’m sure Vitas must have played Tennis RT at some point during their careers. Further research of Vitas G reveals a troubled life and tragic death. The internet is a topspin font of knowledge.

  3. Hello – back on blogs after waving off lovely visitors.

    Thrilled to read Jon's Facebooking so not lying in festering heap somewhere. Hope he somehow finds time to blog again.

    Naturally felt urged to delve into your mate Vitas G, JW – what a warm, passionate & talented fella
    (I like this Roundup):

    Your machine-gun postings lead one in so many directions…

  4. JW10 Says:

    Rat-a-tat-tat, Dolores.

    Thanks for the link to Vitas G. In the 70's/early 80's I could name most of the top 64 tennis players in the world (men and women), today I'd struggle to name ten.

    Moving on, did I ever tell you I was school tennis champion? Probably a thousand times, make that a thousand and one now. If only I‘d worked on my volleying more, alas.

  5. Expat Says:

    Great joy!!! You may (or may not) remember that about 16 months or so ago…so long that I've forgotten exactly when…John had a terrible accident and mangled his hand. His ring finger knuckle has been swollen and distorted ever since. Yesterday, for the first time, the swelling has gone down enough for him to get his wedding ring back on!

    And it's been raining all night after weeks of drought. That's a twofer.

  6. Great news, Expat! (HOW exactly did you do it)?

    School Tennis Champion, JW – wow – You Were a Contender

  7. Expat Says:

    It was John, not me Dolores. Unless, of course, you meant the rain dance.

    I thought I had posted at the time, but maybe not. I would be more than happy to reprise “John and the Great Wheelie Bin Adventure that Resulted in Emergency Surgery and Three Days in the Hospital” saga, if you would like.

  8. JW10 Says:

    Excellent news about John, Expat.

    And what a title for a disaster movie! Definitely one of the summer's blockbusters. And who would be playing Expat in this Hollywood extravaganza? And any chance of a walk-on part for me?

  9. Expat Says:

    Oh, nobody less than Helen Mirren for me. I do look a lot like her, only shorter and less stylish. But we do share a certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe it's the mutual love of photography and the desire for bigger buns. And you could be the doctor at the local walk-in clinic (it was a Sunday)who shook his head sadly and said, in pure Glaswegian, “It's the Emerrrgency room for him. I canna fix this mess here.” Or words to that effect.

  10. Keenly-awaited, the Saga, Helen-Expat. And did you see her in 'Red' with Bruce Willis, Brian Cox & that hilarious doe-eyed woman from West Wing? Spy thriller comedy in the mode of Tom & Jerry, sort of. And Red 2 is apparently out!

  11. Expat Says:

    Well, here's what happened. Our trash collection service provides these huge wheelie bins that are very heavy when full. Collection is early on a Monday morning, so the bin has to be at the kerb on Sunday evening. John was wheeling it down when one of the wheels must have got stuck (probably in the pot-hole in the drive). The bin twisted and instead of letting go (men can be so macho!) he hung on. Now this bin probably weighed twice as much as he does. It went completely over, with him still hanging grimly on, and landed with a thump on the road…with his hand beneath it. The back of his hand and all four fingers were well and truly ground into the dirt and ashphalt. So he comes back in the house looking for the box of plasters (that macho thing again)and I took one look (ugh) and carted him off, but not before he had pulled his wedding ring off because he thought it might have to be cut off if there was swelling. It took hours at the emergency room just to clean the bits out, then surgery the following morning to repair tendons and suture everything up. He had to stay in for a few days to make sure there ws no infection, then a good few weeks of Nurse Expat changing dressings four times a day. Oh, and cutting his food because of course he is a leftie. Then more than a year for the swollen knuckles to finally shrink. He has not been allowed to touch the trash bin since.

  12. Oh Pain Excruciating! – particularly the aftermath. Be careful out there Expat, among those trash cans.

    Gardens are indeed death-traps – only yesterday I scraped my knuckle
    whilst dustpanning the path – There was Blood.

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