Beautiful Natalie (Holly) Wood

“When you half-open the window blinds, you only see half the picture.”

Kurt Logan, sculptor.

Hoping not to let any one think I’m an old fogey ( I’m still young, well, youngish) I endeavour never to say “they don’t make them like that any more”. In one field of entertainment it can not be denied that the old ’uns were better. I’m talking Hollywood and the long lost art of filmmaking.

Today’s blockbuster’s are hi-tech and full of special effects. This might bedazzle audiences, to me, it is a smokescreen; when you’ve seen one firework, you’ve seen them all. I get the feeling that the producers of the here and now have forgotten about plot and characterisation that used to drive their vehicles. David Bowie famously turned down the part of being a James Bond baddie because he didn’t want to spend five months watching his stunt double fall off cliffs. Bowie, for all his talents, is a cracked actor not a celebrated one but he does make a good point.

I confess I still watch the latest movies as it is an easy way of passing the evening. At the end, though, there is no thrill, instead the chill of emptiness as most of the pictures are instantly forgettable. As a fan of superhero comics in my youth I teleport (BAMF!) to the picture house to catch the adventures of the costumed crusaders. The reworking of these classics on celluloid leave me as cold as Iceman. The adaptations are not as good as the original comic books. LOVEFILM, ah well, I used to.

In the good old days the tales of Hollywood were legend. Scandal was swept under the carpet as studio heads protected their stars. The paparazzi were threatened that they’d wake up with a camera’s lens at the bottom of their bed if they exposed a major player. Today’s batch of movie icons have to be more careful, though some welcome bad publicity as “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” (Kurt Logan Oscar Wilde).


One of the leading ladies that caught my eye when I didn’t have my nose buried in the Mighty World of Marvel was the beautiful Natalie Wood. If Natalie’s life story was fictional you wouldn’t believe it. A child actress that blossomed into a lovely flower, starring with the cream of male actors before retiring early in her career (later, Bjorn Borg did the same, I digress) and ultimately dying, a controversial death. She was unique in a world full of zany characters.

My favourite Natalie Wood film is This Property is Condemned which was based on a one-act play by Tennessee Williams. She has never looked lovelier. In one scene she had to act drunk and using the method actor’s craft, of which she wasn’t a member, she decided to get blind drunk for real. I have been amused by this piece a thousand and one times. Can you imagine it? The license to get drunk and be paid for it. They don’t make them like that any more.


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26 Comments on “Beautiful Natalie (Holly) Wood”

  1. Good heavens, JW – this post is a veritable Blockbuster itself! Stunning Natalie Wood, Thrilling Robert Redford's vest, and Death-defying Barry-Bronto's battling.

    One is moved to hysterical tears…

  2. JW10 Says:

    Hello Dolores,

    I was going hysterical when I tried to align the drunken Natalie photo to the right hand side. I don't know how many times with a BAMF it disappearred and I had to go through the process again. Glad that it eventually worked and that you enjoyed the vest of Redford.

  3. Expat Says:

    Splendour in the Grass.

    Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty.


    Enough said.

  4. Well your Enormous effort has resulted in a magnificent composition, JW!
    Particularly the Not-BATTLING-you-idiot BarryBrontos, the brushwork on the Scales of which is fine & delicate yet powerfully invigorating with a message that's a lesson to us all…

  5. It didn't occur to me to to say they don't make people like that any more (who endeavour never to say “they don’t make them like that any more”) – until you said they don't make them like that any more in your final sentence.

    Good job I noticed…

  6. JW10 Says:

    SITG, Expat, yep, magical film right enough. Warren Beatty's screen debut.

    DD, You must have ESP. There is dino-battling going on behind the scenes as Steg the stegosaurus cat, jealous of Barry-Bronto, wants a strip of his own. These dinosaurs are nothing but divas. Where's a big asteroid when you need one?

    Good job they don't make too many like you, CI. 🙂

  7. The Steg & Barry Show – 'twould be a Triumph! What else do they do besides playing scales – tap dance, ride tandem, yodel…?
    Do they have an Inner Beauty to unleash on Hollywood?

  8. Expat, are you going to be affected by Hurricane Sandy that's all over the news?
    Flaming hope not. You seem to have been hugely buffeted enough in recent times.
    Batten ye down and take great care x

  9. JW10 Says:

    I've also been reading about the oncoming Hurricane. Stay safe, Expat.

  10. Expat Says:

    Yep. We are right in the path. currently experiencing heavy rain and gusty winds. It's been chucking it down since last night. The really bad stuff for us will be later this evening (Monday, 29th from 8 pm)and lasting all day tomorrow. Very heavy rain and very high winds. The winds will do the most damage where we are. But we are not as badly off as those to the north. New Jersey is where Sandy will make landfall and we are expecting massive damage and probably significant loss of life there and in New York. Eveything is shut down along the northeast coast…even the New York Times Stock Exchange. This is a massive storm…anything from 800 to 1,000 miles across. And it's packing a wallop. I will keep you posted. If you don't hear from me it will be because we have lost power.

  11. Really good to hear from you, Expat – TV shows terrifying situation. As always, you sound like you're going to give it a damn good thumping back!
    Take great care, love & warmest wishes xx

  12. Expat Says:

    We're as prepared as we can be. Booze, food, batteries for the radio, lawn furniture and potential projectiles stashed safely. Heard a big thump on the roof a while back, but no trees down so probably just a big branch. Sandy is picking up speed now so we may be past the worst a bit earlier than anticipated.

  13. Expat Says:

    We're as prepared as we can be. Booze, food, batteries for the radio, lawn furniture and potential projectiles stashed safely. Heard a big thump on the roof a while back, but no trees down so probably just a big branch. Sandy is picking up speed now so we may be past the worst a bit earlier than anticipated.

  14. JW10 Says:

    Hello Expat, good to hear you’re well prepared. The pictures on the rolling 24 hour news stations make the situation look very scary.

    My wife was in New York last week with some friends and is lucky that her little skedaddle over the ocean was not scheduled for this week. All flights from the UK to the East coast of America are, as you’d expect, cancelled. It would have been worse, of course, if Sandy struck while she was in NY.

    My best wishes to you and your family at this time.

  15. JW10 Says:

    Sorry Dolores, I seem to have to lost Mr Redford’s vest. While fancying another watch of the video I was confronted with one of those “This video is blocked on copyright grounds” messages. Damn copyrights. Have inserted a stills from the film video as replacement.

  16. looking forward to a Post-Sandy post, Expat, when things have calmed. Keeping up with dire newscasts, our thoughts constantly with you.

  17. Nooo, JW, Not the vest! Fiendish blockers!

    I'm having stupid problems on a post that should have gone out yesterday, Had it not been for Video traumas. (in spite of your step-by-step instructions). shall persevere.

  18. Expat Says:

    8 am the morning after. We came through fine, though I had very little sleep. Lots of branches and leaves on the ground in the garden, but that's about it. We'll take a little drive around the neighborhood later and check it out.

    Meanwhile, in New York city and the New Jersey shore,in particular, where Sandy made landfall, have suffered dreadfully. Everyone up there, including many colleagues and friends, is in my thoughts this morning.

  19. Oh Expat, how WONDERFUL to hear you got through it.

    Strength to those still struggling

  20. JW10 Says:

    Relieved to hear you're OK, Expat. Hope your friends farther up in the north are safe and sound.

  21. I'm still not in contact.

  22. Well, CI, via Oxford Falls Grammar School & Ohio Fruit Growers' Society I finally got Oh For God's Sake. So that makes sense, but not the comment. (Yes, I am very stupid).

    Are you and beloveds OK?

  23. Arrrgh – what happened there?

    I've been having problems when submitting comments. I keep getting the message
    “502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”

    Anyway, here goes again…
    I'm glad you are OK, Expat! Like you, I've also got friends in NY city and I've only just now heard they are all OK.

    But what a series of terrible sights on the TV news today…

    OFGS is Oh for goodness sake…!

  24. Very glad all OK, CI. (Give your computer a thrashing)!

    Sorry about the 'G' thing – I Thought it didn't sound like you! I blame google. and my specs. and my cross-eyedness

  25. JW, Huge apologies for slipping in a message here off-blog – can't make my PC accept a comment on my own. If you see this, CI – I have tried myriad times to reply to your comments over there – thank you greatly – and will persevere.

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