Written in the Cards

Another notable name could be wiped off the high street as Clinton Cards went into administration recently. Yet again the supermarkets are to blame as they eat into the card-buying market with their clever cheaper price strategy that entices the customer that shops-in-one-go.

Personally speaking, the niche card-selling shops do seem a bit expensive and not just for their cards. The purchasing of their soft toy accessories can drain a wallet faster than Bill Werbeniuk could hurricane a lager. These other commodities aside there is a beauty on the racks and racks of cards displayed. The shop is almost the Louvre miniaturised. There might not be Manet, Monet or Midge on exhibit but where else could you find slogans with the legends-

· It’s a boy

· Congratulations on passing your driving test

· Happy Divorce

· Promotion. Don’t be ridiculous

In all honesty I could stay a full day casting my critical eye over the various designs and captions in this card-heaven kaleidoscope of greetings. And as the song goes, I’m not the only one, as I see plenty of browsers pouring through the merchandise with great gusto.

A ploy used by card sellers is instead of price gunning the cost they give each card a letter code -AA for example- with a graph showing the differing rates corresponding to the code. This is, I suppose, to stifle the shock at the huge expense of the card if it was listed, nakedly, on the back cover. However, this is momentary as a quick look at the graph soon takes your breath away. Nonetheless I find it exciting trying to guess the code on the back of the card; shape and size is irrelevant and it’s a Deal or no Deal situation. This pot luck theorising is entertaining especially when it doesn’t cost anything.

Talking of nothing, I am all for the personal touch. Therefore, for birthdays, anniversaries and such like I make my own cards. More thought goes into the gesture this way. Regular readers will be aware of my skill at drawing via the famous Barry the Brontosaurus strips in the past so the card will be presentable and professional. Additionally, the envelope is adorned with a home-made stamp of Her Majesty replete with the obligatory words- first class. For delivery I walk out the front door and post through the letter box. Sorry Clintons, I should have bought one from you.

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4 Comments on “Written in the Cards”

  1. How wondrous to read your sparkly posts again, JW.

    I was sad to hear of Clinton's closure. Having no PC when we first moved house, we were able to find perfect cartoon cards there for a vintage-car-fanatic and for the village baker from our old place. And such bubbly assistants directing me to their 3 for £1 offer!

    But like you, George & I like to create (term used loosely for my efforts) our own when pos, and There's the rub for Clinton, of course.

    For what a joy it is to receive a personally designed and perfectly apt card. And who could out-dazzle Barry the Bronto?

  2. This post bears the stamp of a chap who is quite a card!

  3. JW10 Says:

    Hello Dolores,

    Home-made card makers of the world unite. It's good to see this tradition has not been lost with the advent of E-cards and texting. A Happy Birthday text is bad form. Give me a card any day especially one with a tenner in it.

  4. JW10 Says:

    Booked. A yellow card to you, CI. 🙂

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