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Thank You

May 25, 2012

You all know it is unusual for me to write on serious subjects but I felt I had to give an explanation for my absence. My father took a stroke though I am happy to say that he has made a good recovery. Inevitably, some things had to change. He’s had to cut out the fags and fry-ups that were a major part of his life. He’s not too despondent because the doctor never said he had to stop gambling on horses. Like before, the stream of losers he picks pass the finishing post in third or fourth place. Doesn’t matter, he’s still number one in my book.

And so are all of you. I cannot thank you enough for the kind and considerate messages left on the last post. I won’t forget your sincerity.

Canary Islander- I am sure we must be related distantly. The suspicion that we both came from outer space and went on separate missions will be proved one day. Though, I think that you must be wackier than me as you are a lover of rugby.

Expat- Arrgghh! Missed your birthday. Sorry. While playing catch-up I did look at your glass paperweight photographs on CI’s page. They are stunning and pleasing on the eye.

Dolores- You are a star. Glad that you have finally found your dream home. I kept watching the “homes” programmes on TV half expecting to find your good self and George at the auction rooms. You’re easily recognisable as you’re the only couple with a marmot pet.

Jon- Your blogsite covers many topics and is always interesting and factual. Have followed your adventures with the advertisers with great interest.

Araminta and Bilby- My oldest (though I am sure you are both young and beautiful) cyber friends. You deserve a medal for sticking by me and humouring me over the years. If I wasn’t me I wouldn’t read my stuff.

John Mackie- My hero. Full stop. Was with you in the Scottish Cup Final all the way and shared your delight. Have just found a super series of Dougal blogs in my in-tray. What a wonder dog. I’m sure he’s a right-footer.

I’m a bit rusty at the moment so it might take me awhile to write a proper blog. Watch this space.