This thing of Beauty

Glass has always had a place in my heart. If you opened me up I’d probably have a Heart of Glass. To begin with it was just pint glasses that made me reel like a boxer that’s gone fifteen rounds with Oliver Reed, then it became transparent to me that all types of this non-crystalline material, even of the non-drinking vessel variety have a charm that transcends prejudice.

My beer glass collection has changed over the years as breakages are common. The fragility of their substance can give the goblets a goldfish bowl half-life cycle. Many have cracked and been deposited in the graveyard of clear ivory. Turnover has been high because to put it simply, they are used regularly. They are toys that get played with, overflowing with liquid gold. Historically, the glasses have been used on many occasions and most of the time the occasions weren’t even special. It is a little known fact that glasses can get jealous. To stop any ill-feeling between them I have no favourites and have to drink from them all using a harem-like rotational system.

Frequently, I am to be seen in the glassware department of most retailers. The legendary sign “Boy you break that thing, you bought it” ( © Springsteen) hangs in most of these outlets. A warning of the perils that can occur. Strangely, this element of danger adds to the excitement as spine-tinglingly I creep through the aisles of crystal clear lightness. I wonder what it’s like to be a Taurus in a place like this.

The relationship between a glass and a man that loves glass can sometimes make life hard for the human. For sure, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called the gas man, the glass man. And once in the pub when Lionel Messi pirouetted past three defenders I exclaimed: “That was pure glass”. One of my favourite Samuel L Jackson films is Unbreakable. Big Sammy plays a guy called Mr. Glass.

However, it is all not brightness and contentment as glass can be a double-edged sword. For all its diamond desirability it can be painful when it pays you back in shards. Therefore remember the brittleness and handle gently this thing of beauty.

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10 Comments on “This thing of Beauty”

  1. Expat Says:

    You did it again! Glass is my weakness…particularly Caithness glass blown into paperweights. I have a 40-year old paperweight collection that now numbers around 70 or so and I love every single one. They're not all Caithness, more's the pity, but precious, nevertheless.

    And we do have a beer glass collection. In fact, I snagged one this weekend at my local watering hole celebrating the Daytona 500.

  2. Glass Vegans of the world shall be United, by the Glazers, in raising a glass to you, JW!

  3. Expat Says:

    Glass vegans? I am afraid you've completey gone over the edge, CI. It must have bee the unacustomed UK cold that did you in.

  4. I think Glass Vegans live in Glasgow.

  5. Expat Says:

    oh…now I get it.

  6. Expat, my eyes glazed over at your use of the word “snagged”. So I looked it up in the OED which is jolly handy at describing the North American usage of words. It said a snag is a dead tree, but it went on to say it could mean “catch” or “obtain” in informal usage. But my copy of the OED enexplicably omitted any mention of Glass Vegans. So I suppose I must indeed be over the edge… (sob)

  7. Expat Says:

    JW is quiet. I suspect he is busy thinking up a suitable riposte to you linking Glasgow in any way shape or form with my team.

    Clever, though…

  8. JW10 Says:

    I really shouldn't do midweek blogs as duty always calls. Thanks for the comments and sorry for the slow reply.

    Hi Expat, that sounds like an interesting collection you've got there. It'd be great to see some photos of your glass paperweights. I have one such paperweight (Not Caithness, Inverness or Southerness) and in the next day or two I'll insert a photo. You can give it marks out of 100.

    Snagging is good. I've snagged (swiped, I'd call it) a few pint glasses in my time. But who hasn't?

    Hello there clear-eyed CI. Your first comment was a glassic. Quite like being called a Glass Vegan as it equates us with Las Vegans, the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world. (The original CSI series, set in LV, is still my favourite)

    The only thing the two football clubs have in common is black socks. Socks. we always come back to socks, don't we?

  9. Expat Says:

    Hello,JW. your paperweight is…er…interesting. Being a coward, I will not venture further than that.

  10. JW10 Says:

    Oh no, my poor paperweight thinks its been given out for a duck. 0/100.

    Paperweights have feelings too. You should know that, Expat. 🙂

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