Wiki started it

A few weeks ago the online dictionary Wikipedia had a site black out to protest against new anti-piracy laws. A few other online organisations followed suit. Wiki claimed that the regulation would infringe on their right to write using the freedom of information rule.

For a lot of people copyright has had its day. Millions of users download music, movies and books every minute. The pirated material is not as good as the genuine article; however, the try before you buy concept means a lot of pirates will then purchase legitimate items thus helping to boost sales for the performers and authors. At the moment, there is a lull in the fighting.

This impasse was broken when a revolutionary decided to up the stakes. As always happens in these cases, it happened by accident. The urban guerrilla dropped his shaving mirror while trimming. A thousand shards littered the floor and the man’s face, half-shaved, was Che Guevaran. Hoping to ward off seven years bad luck he started a Facebook page taking the fight offline and into the real world. He encouraged pirates against copyright not to use mirrors. His band of brothers grew to epic proportions.

Before long the city was awash with ragged, stubbly men sporting shaving cuts and tufts of hair that the blade had missed. Hairstyles also went to the dogs with side-sheds as wonky as a school table and hair gel sticking the rug up in a simple meerkat fashion. With no mirrors there was no vanity. Civil war hadn’t broken out yet, yet there were tensions between the looking glass lookers and the don’t-need-a-mirror advocates.

Women soon joined in the struggle taking sides. Mascara and lipstick was cemented on giving a mosaic look to the faces. Asymmetrical eyebrows were all the rage. A new magazine called Plastered Women hit the newsstands. Mirror sales concaved emitting the illusion of a thin pole. The pirates were winning until the urban guerrilla decided to escalate the warfare and wreak more havoc on mankind.

The Facebook group page was updated with a new rule for the legion of followers. This attempt at expansion was sheer folly. It was written that all pirates against copyright should close their eyes causing total blackout when entering a toilet to um, do their toilet. This message made most of the gang see the light (and the mirror) and come back to reality. For the true believers keeping the faith, the bathrooms of darkness and waywardness were part of their fight and they sprayed with false abandon. For the non-believers, enter these cubicles with care.

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10 Comments on “Wiki started it”

  1. expat Says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the craziest of us all?
    You'll see the light with this small clue.
    His last name starts with double-u.

  2. JW10 Says:

    Thanks Expat, wouldn't the world be a grey place if we were all sane? C'mon the crazies.

  3. Expat Says:

    The late, great Waylon Jennings nailed it. “I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane”

    And didn't Eistein opine (oh, look, that rhymes!)that imagination is more important than knowledge?

    Had a quckie e-mail from CI. he's fine, but tired. No surgery on the hoirizon yet. He is brewing up a blog. With Dolores still internet-deprived, CI temporarily sidelined,and Jon wasting away in Margaritaville, it's me and thee, kid, to keep the home fires burning, the lamps lit, and the glass always half full.

    Hope your weather there is not too dire.

  4. You lost me there for a bit, JW, but I saw the light as soon as you mentioned women joining in the struggle with mascara, lipstick and cemented on mosaics, not to mention the asymmetrical eyebrows worn by them plastered women hitting the newsstands (nice touch that, spot on…).

    But the mirror sales concaving and emitting the illusion of a thin pole… THAT'S awesome, THAT'S what did it for me, just like THAT.

  5. Expat Says:

    So, you put the lie to my post about you being temporaroily sidelined! Heck, I don't care. Welcome back to the madhouse…of which you are a founding father!

  6. Yes, I decided to unsideline myself because I think that JW needs a chaperone after all that talk about mascara, lipstick and eyebrows.

    It's still bloody freezing here in Kent! But we've booked to return to the sun on the 22nd – fingers crossed.

  7. JW10 Says:

    CI, you are a nutter but we wouldn't have you any other way. Good to see you in high spirits.

    Expat, weather has been cold though we haven't had the horrendous snow of previous years: fingers crossed, it's early yet.

    Ahh, the novelty of magic mirrors. Funny when young.

  8. Expat Says:

    What a day!! John got up to go to the loo at 2 am (as you do when you reach a certain age), tripped and broke his collarbone. Emergency walk-in clinic (better than the hospital emergency room) opened at 8 am and we were at the door. Then the orthopedic surgeon for full evaluation. It's a funky break, close to the sternum. Most collarbone fractures are in the middle of the bone and can be braced. Not in this case. Nothing to be done but immobilise the arm in a sling and fill him full of the good pain meds until it heals. So for the next several weeks I am also the “man about the house.”

  9. JW10 Says:

    Sorry Expat, I posted my destructive blog before checking new messages.

    Poor John, that sounds like a nasty injury. At least he has Florence Nightingale on hand to turn the pages of the book he’s reading. (And fix the faucet, cut the grass, take the rubbish out, etc. etc.)

    I hope he's not in too much pain and wish him a speedy recovery.

  10. Ouch! Poor John – that does sound painful. I do hope he is comfortable and has a quick recovery. Bless.

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