Two Tribes go to the mattresses

Cyber surfers must be sick of reading about Word Press v Blogger match reports. The pro’s and con’s of both platforms are well-documented and these two giant blog-service providers divide public opinion sometimes to the detriment of more important issues. For instance, the ongoing legal dispute between Barbie and Bratz over ownership rights has been pushed to the sidelines. Barbie’s boyfriend Ken is not happy with this.

I had a domain over at Word Press (WP) which I retired or so I thought. Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in.

Sensing an opportunity against a weakened Blogger, the WP CEO paid me an unexpected visit. With SWAT precision he grounded his helicopter on my Helipad. He produced important documents and made me an offer that was hard to refuse. Come back over to them or I’ll wake up with a dead tractor at the bottom of my bed. Now I’ve been headhunted before and I don’t scare easily- I’ve seen Saw and all its Roman numeral sequels- it was the Massey Ferguson 690 I was worried about. 4×2 2WD chassis, 90 inch wheelbase, 52.38 drawbar horse power. It was too beautiful to die.

(Drop dead gorgeous: The Massey Ferguson 690)

Alerted to WP’s overtures, at a stroke the CEO of Blogger, shot straight from Blogger HQ, jettisoned in from a cannonball to the bottom of my swimming pool. After it was hung out and dried, a new improved contract for me at Blog Spot was put on the table. WP man doubled the stakes on his manuscript forcing Blogger guy to raise his price. The bidding and counter-bidding continued. This was a live version of e-bay with my worthless vocation at stake. We reached DEFCON I. The WP executive called in Action Man.

This was a considerable show of strength as it was the figure with the movable eagle eyes. Resistance was pointless against this formidable commando as he frog-marched me towards the dotted front line. Then from outside the window a car’s horn was heard. Looking out I saw Ken. Yes, that Ken. With Barbie never out of court these days Ken had nothing to do so he fancied a fight. Furthermore he had brought back-up. In the pink car all dressed in pink battle fatigues was someone familiar.

“Hello sailor boy! I’ve come to save your rear, umm, career.”

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17 Comments on “Two Tribes go to the mattresses”

  1. Expat Says:

    So that's why Blogger was down yesterday! The CEO was over to yours with a pocketful of bribes.

  2. JW10 Says:

    You're right, Expat, though I'm still trying to dry out the fiver he gave me.

    Blogger was off for three days and it deleted your comment on my previous blog (along with one of Dolores’). Anything posted after the 11th was expunged from the record books.

    At Word Press photos and videos can be posted in comments and all-round it is probably the better of the two mediums, IMO. Nonetheless, I’m used to the lay-out here and reasonably happy (especially after the pay rise). Minds can always change, of course.

  3. Expat Says:

    I have just four words for you:


    Now, back on topic….

  4. JW,
    A brilliant tale of headhunting. But you must come to Tenerife if you really want to get ahead.

  5. Expat Says:

    CI, I'm going to pretend you didn't say that…

  6. Expat, you are ahead of me..

  7. Expat Says:

    CI: Please, no jokes. No more plays on words. This was a horrific random act of unspeakable violence on an innocent victim.

  8. JW10 Says:

    I also found your comment in bad taste, CI and considered deleting it.

  9. Hello all & hello computer – been unconnected due to Visitor (unable to feed people AND type…).

    WordPress v Blogspot – I was so Thrilled in '98 to manage to create a blog anywhere, that I've been exceeding happy to fend off Complications (like possible improvements) by sticking here.

    Let WordPress do their worst with their gleaming Massey Fergusons & Kens – It would take something jolly big in Chocolate to move me!

  10. JW10 Says:

    Hello Dolores,

    While you were feeding your visitors the whole Blogger network was down. This coincidence is suspicious…you’re not psychic by any chance?

    ‘98? Hell’s Teeth (sorry for stealing your catchphrase) you’re a blog veteran. With all that experience, you’d best expect a call from Word Press helicopter man any time soon. I hope he doesn't mess up the gravel.

  11. Well, this is serious – something unusual in this forum! But here’s my response.

    Yes, there is black humour here in Tenerife about the murder. Black humour is a way in which people get on with life after an unspeakable horror on their doorstep. It’s a way of dealing with shock and anger, and (ongoing) a heightened sense of personal vulnerability.

    This is a small island, and Los Cristianos is a small place, and people like us who actually live in the area are relatively few compared to the tourists and those who work in the tourist industry (most of the workers live in the surrounding mountain villages). I’ll try to put that into some perspective by mentioning some separate but related incidents:

    I hadn’t met the victim, but I had previously met and shaken hands with her killer. Two months ago we’d comforted a female friend who had been accosted and threatened with a knife by someone who we now believe was the same man. Kathy and I had a lucky escape when we arrived at the Chinese supermarket just after the tragedy when the police were taking control. Afterwards, we weren’t at all surprised to learn that our best friend Gianni knows the Italian motorcyclist who was the first to tackle the killer outside the supermarket.

    As I said, it’s a small community here, in which we know many of the long-term residents by sight, and if we don’t know someone, we probably know someone else who does. So do we feel shock? Do we feel anger, a shudder of fear? Has this affected our lives going forward? I could write a book.

    On the day, we exchanged telephone calls and emails all afternoon and into the evening with people who cared, who were worried, and who half feared the worst. All the incoming callers were worried about Kathy. And we laughed and joked in relief. We’ve even got a Skype snapshot of my two older daughters in London interacting with us whilst enacting a hilarious mock decapitation. Sick? Yes, if that is what you choose to believe.

    So, black humour is alive and well here. It’s not everyone’s taste, but I know from first-hand experience that it has a role in addressing angst. It certainly doesn’t feature in the politically correct platitudes expressed by writers and commentators in the international media about what happened here. Much of what I have read is either factually inaccurate or ambiguous and none of it adequately addresses the real and related concerns that impact our community. Sadly, it is the perceived impact on tourism that may make a difference in the future, not our concerns. But that’s all by the way and very long-winded, so I’ll come to the point.

    I apologise for having upset you.

  12. Expat Says:

    CI: You see, what bothers me most is that the family of this lady should become aware (and God knows, with the internet that's only too likely) of the black humour that people only peripherally connected with this tragedy are employing. Granted, your safe world has been turned upside down for a while, but her family's world has been changed forever. It may be cathartic to you, but it's another stab wound to the heart for them. And they are the one's that really matter, don't you think?

    Yes, I do think a mock decapitation is sick and not in the least hilarious. Ask yourself, please, how you would feel if any of us chose to make fun of Kathy's condition or, Heaven forbid, her death.

    You didn't upset me as much as make me angry. I have to think this through.

  13. Back to the Two Tribes on a mattress… (says she pitifully)

    Blogger Down? No, JW, not psychic – just pulled the plug. IF I CAN'T BLOG…!

    But did I really say '98? (Thought it had whizzed past…) I meant, of course, 2008 – 1st April, when I posted on MyT about Evan Davis's first appearance on the Today programme. Then, overcome with enthusedness, started to pontificate in a blog.

    Am certainly looking forward to WordPressMan dropping in…

  14. JW10 Says:

    Uncharted waters for us here, right enough. We are all family and disagreements can occur.

    CI, thanks for writing about your experience and thoughts. When I heard the news, which as you’d expect went International, immediately I was concerned for Kathy. As more details emerged I was thankful you were both safe and well.

    Black humour and jokes about celebrity deaths are not my cup of tea. I fail to see the humour when someone has died. We all handle things differently, I suppose. I value our friendship and hope we can continue as before. There are no hard feelings on my part.

    Steering us back to our usual course I’d like to tell the old (very, very old) joke my wife’s granddad loved to tell.

    Pat and Mick are in an airplane. Pat says “If this aeroplane goes upside down, will we fall out?” Mick answers. “No, we’ll still be the best of friends.”


  15. JW10 Says:

    You flushed the whole system out when you pulled the plug, DD. It felt as if the only thing your ancestors, the Gauls, feared had come true. The sky had fallen down on us.

    1st April 2008 will be remembered forever when the great book of blogging is writ at the end of the century. Good to see you are still blogging away (and Evan is still on Today). I cringe at my early attempts. My first blog was about the end of Woolworth’s.

  16. Expat Says:

    CI, you know from reading my comments on the political blogs that I am a forthright lady of strong opinions and not afraid to say what I think. But I also get over disagreements quickly. I’ve never been good at brooding.

    We all have our own mechanisms for dealing with shock. In thinking through this, I was reminded of something in my past. I was 19 when my father unexpectedly died in hospital in the early hours of the morning. Later that day, with my mother’s blessing, a friend picked me up and took me to her house. Other friends arrived. And we played loud music and I DANCED AND DANCED. I suppose it was my way of getting rid of the hurt for a little while. Recalling that made me think ”Who am I to judge anyone?”

    JW is right. We are ‘virtual’ family and we will disagree from time to time. But like family, we will kiss and make up. I value your friendship, and your wit and creative flair, too much to let this get in the way.

    So I’m sending you a big old smackeroo. Catch!!

  17. Hey, I like that joke, JW!
    And the smackeroo, Expat!

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