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A scene had developed on the periphery of the city. The townspeople were laughing and their mocking tones made me rubberneck in their direction. As usual to get the best view I barged through the crowd shouting “Coming through. Make way for the doctor”. One wag, that’s wag and not WAG, responded, “it’s not a doctor that thing needs, it’s a scrap yard.”

Soon I saw the object of their derision. And it was beautiful. The object that is, not their derision; English can be a handful at times. Broken down in the middle of the road was a vintage tractor. Mine eyes were seeing the glory of a 1960 Massey Ferguson. Manual recirculating ball steering, two-stage clutch rear power take-off, 72 inch wheel base and a maximum drawbar pull of 3,965 Lbs. This is the Debbie Harry of tractors.

At this point I would like to add that not all the townspeople were mocking the rural driver and his broken down angel. Two intrepid entrepreneurs, spotting the absence of a windscreen, were washing Massey’s bonnet and taxing the stranded owner a fiver for their troubles.

I warned everyone to stand back as I was about to perform a miracle. Everybody likes to see a miracle done for free so they backed off a yard. With all my might I was Samson and Simon of Cyrene rolled into one and I heaved the backside of the voluptuous tractor. Creaking noises of an engine sparked into life and the push had done the trick. The tractor sped away at the speed of tortoise.

The townspeople had seen the light, were won over by this extreme act of charity and clapped like duelling cymbals. It was a seminal moment that was cut short by bursts of laughter from across the road. Another set of townspeople were laughing at a broken down steamroller. This might be harder to shift so I took off my jacket and rolled my shirt sleeves up.

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9 Comments on “Just another tractor blog”

  1. I'm glad you didn't detract from your tract on the tractor!

  2. Expat Says:

    Ah,JW, you are a man after my own heart. I am a sucker for big equipment (CI, don't you DARE comment on that!), especially construction equipment. I love cranes and those great big excavators. Oh, and those tunnel boring machines.

    When I was a kid, the local playground had an old steamroller. Much better for the imagination than the swings and roundabouts. Unfortunately, it was disabled otherwise I might have been off for a tour around!

  3. Fear not, Expat!
    Who would stoop so high?

  4. JW10 Says:

    I am attracted to tractors, CI. Somehow, on country roads I refuse to overtake this thing of beauty that is so gorgeous it brings traffic to a halt.

    Tractors rock my boat, Expat, though other heavy construction vehicles are also alluring. One of the banes of my life was the fact that my sons were too old when Bob the Builder (BTB) became popular with children. They were brought up with Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine, good programmes they may be they’re not as captivating as Bob and his pals; I had to watch BTB by myself.
    I’m with you on the steamroller, too. Maybe we should chip in and buy one.

  5. Expat Says:

    JW, in the tractor world over here John Deere is King. you have British Racing Green. We have John Deere Green. My other half grew up on a farm in Worcestershire. Lots of stories of taking the tractor to the pub on a Saturday night. Apparantly, it knew its own way home.

  6. What a beautiful specimen, JW! We have multitudinous agricultural vehicles round here, including the tall thin spidery things that fit perfectly between vines.

    This week we had the fascinating spectacle of Crane clearing Tree beyond the stream at the bottom of our garden.

    One could not help but gaze in awe as he manoeuvred these trunks as if matchsticks, ending up with staggeringly neat piles on the other bank, ready to fuel the region's woodburners (after due festering time). Luckily this other bank has lots more trees still valiantly growing.

  7. JW10 Says:

    Thanks for your tales of tractors, ladies. The comments on this thread are a paean to this most glorious of vehicles.

    In my book, the internet should have more tractor blogs.

  8. tractor Says:

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  9. I’m a massive John Deere tractor fan, they just never let you down! The one I use never breaks down, and is a pleasure to drive.

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