Night Prowler

The old man’s fear of living alone had long vanished. Members of his family had taken turns “sitting” him after his faithful companion, Dot, passed away. Now, they barely looked in and he settled into a lonely routine.

Only early in the mornings did he have any contact with other souls when he called into the greengrocer’s. Subsisting on the most basic and cheapest of food, his day was one long eternity of solitude. Lately, he had been given to waking up in the middle of the night. After a brief visit to the bathroom, his sleep could resume uninterrupted.

He grew to enjoy these nocturnal appointments. From bedroom to toilet he bypassed the hall. Comfortingly, the light on the outside landing shined through the peephole on his front door and it lit the way for him. It saved him electricity.

Over many months this ritual was observed every night and he grew to love the shining light. On a few occasions he had to rein himself back from approaching the light. The navigational aid was confusing him. Instinct had made him complete his task night after night yet the beacon at the door enticed him.

One night he entered the hall and found utter darkness. With no light source the old man became disorientated. This did not help his urinary condition. And an unwelcome thought appeared. Was the light outside still working? If so, was there someone standing at the peephole?

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2 Comments on “Night Prowler”

  1. JM Says:

    Oh dear, JW, it seems clear to me that there really was an intruder involved. And the culprit was not outside but inside. Now, suppose it was the man who reads the gas meter? Does that not suggest that there is much worse to come?

  2. theroyalist Says:

    What could be more scary than a gas man about to pull the plug? Jamie, there’s a Gothic Horror Writer inside you ready to explode from your body like John Hurt’s Alien.

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