The Bench

The squirrel descends the bark
So effortlessly
It hops along the verge with a grace
Evolved in centuries
And I’m watching it, studying it
But I’m also watching the time

There’s a jogger mp3′ing along
Tizz titi tizz tizz
I’m trying to work out the song
Titi tizz titi tizz
And as I’m thinking, thinking
I’m also thinking about the time

An elderly couple strolls by
Hand in hand
I wonder when they first became
Woman and man
This aged Adam and Eve
Walking beside dead leaves
And as they wander, I wonder
I wonder what time it is.

This bench will have many memories
Stored in its wood
It will be privy to many secrets
Not all of them good
Will it keep mine, keep mine
As I sit and lose track of time

She’s not coming now, I fear
She’s failed to leave the house
It’s hard for her to keep our rendezvous
When she’s someone else’s spouse
So I sit and wait, sit and wait
And fritter away the time

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2 Comments on “The Bench”

  1. Uncle Tree Says:

    That was very good, and quite interesting!
    Loved the ending, too. Funny, and a bit surprising,
    but in a way that made me smile. I know the feeling.

    😉 UT

  2. theroyalist Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment, Uncle Tree, it is appreciated.

    Most of my posts are tongue-in-cheek. In this one, the protagonist wanted to put his tongue on someone else’s cheek. Alas!

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