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It was too good to last. It was the world’s best drummer, Neil Peart of Rush who wrote “You don’t get something for nothing; you can’t have freedom for free.” The bombshell that from June viewers will have to pay a fee to visit The Times and Sunday Times website is alarming news. The hacks have it in for us.

The fear is that soon all the main news broadcasters will follow suit and the World Wide Web will not be a metro anymore. However, there are millions, nay googleions of news sites out there and they all can’t ask for a subscription. So you have a choice of reading an obscure journal or paying for a popular news organisation.

(Where’s my secretary gone? I never gave her the day off)

Personally, I much prefer a “paper” newspaper than the online version. Turning and folding the pages with big inky fingers, spilling tea on it, drawing moustaches on my least favourite politicians (the JW10 website likes to remain politically neutral because it will do its utmost to avoid confrontation on account of its cowardice) and finally re-enacting the Battle of Britain with my carefully constructed paper planes. Great fun these newspapers, one of these days I might get round to reading one.

Newspaper sales are in decline as everything is electronic today and maybe someday we will see the end of the printing industry, leaving us with e-news broadsheets full of annoying distractions at the side of the page. The only winners are the trees. Neil Peart (him again) wrote the lyrics to The Trees. There are even arguments in the forest.

The maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights
‘The oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light’
Now there’s no more oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe and saw

P.S The management can state unequivocally that there are no plans in the pipeline to charge for its business news updates. We don’t want you switching to the Financial Times.

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8 Comments on “Financing News”

  1. Yes, JW, there are so many uses for newspapers of paper after one's absorbed the FACTS…

    Our cats' tea is served thereupon, their kittylit wrapped within; they start our log fire; bridge the gap under the back door; form in large part our fancy-dress outfits (my papier maché cauldron was a Triumph!); plug leaky sheds; make whizzo hats in the rain; hold you chips, of course…

    I Could Go On… (As Alan Partridge might say)

  2. JW10 Says:

    I know you wouldn't hurt a fly, Dolores, but I have been known in the past to roll a newspaper up and swat insect intruders. Fortunately for the flies and unluckily for me, I always miss and hit the lamp.
    I wouldn't bother so much as lamps are ten a penny round here. It's just that as the fly departs the room he blows me a raspberry.
    He doesn't need to rub it in.

  3. At end of working day, I used to nick the Times and Telegraph from the coffee table as I walked out through reception. Then I perfected the art of nicking the newspapers on my way into reception. Nowadays, I'm retired, but I always arrive early for private appointments. My therapist, for example, is always asking if I have any news….

  4. Oh JW & CI, how you bring enormous grins to one!

    JW, it's true that I wouldn't inflict Pain on a fly – after all, it's not their fault they're one. BUT, I brandish a paper/swat/book(I don't read any more)
    With Gusto!

    In fact, I once came home to find a goldfish from next door's pond on our landing, having evidently been fished & dragged there by our Cat.
    It was gored and gasping. I took it downstairs and out onto the terrace in a carrier bag, sprinkled it gently with water, murmured goodbye, and Smashed it with a Brick.
    (It was For The Best) but I cried for an hour

  5. Expat Says:

    It's that bl#!@dy Rupert Murdoch! An evil man. Switch to the Telegraph on line. It has a classy kind of reader(CI, DD and I met there).

    I do miss the actual broadsheet, though. Nothing like the Sunday paper and a cuppa in bed on a rainy morning.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. As Ogden Nash said:
    God in his wisdom made the fly, and then forgot to tell us why.

    But dealing with flies is easy. You need a globe of the earth. Hold the fly above the globe. This drives the fly nuts. ”Arrrrgh! I’m too high up!” Release the fly, and it heads straight down to the globe. On landing, you deal with it as Dolores did on her landing.

    And like Ogden, I made that up on the fly.

  8. JW10 Says:

    Got to agree with you that The Telegraph is better than The times, Expat. However, there are a few columinists on the Murdoch press I like to read.
    Micheal Gove's non-political musings are quite quirky and religiously I read Patrick Kidd's Line and Length cricket blog. Bizarrely, I am a big fan of English cricket; the test team in particular. I would hazard a guess there's only two of us in Scotland like this.

    DD, That's a shame about “Goldie”. 😦

    And now when I'm at the dentist I know who has “lifted” the copies of National Geographic, C.I. Thanks a lot. All you've left me with is Women's Weekly.

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