Something wicked this way comes

It was damp and downcast on the outside but the interior of the car was blasting out the sounds of the Metal Chainsaw Show on radio 666 FM. The playlist was a veritable bloodlust of Satan’s finest fret players at their most frenzied. The trinity of evil music recently played were-

Slayer- Raining Blood

Megadeth- Gears of War

Pantera- Domination

The long haired male driver of the vehicle was smoking a cigarette and slugging straight Jameson’s while veering the car disjointedly on the motorway. Out of his head he was too drunk to rock let alone drive. Conditions had taken a turn for the worse and the drizzly rain was transmogrifying into a torrential downpour.

Setting the windscreen wipers to full speed and with the noise of Mastodon screaming from the speakers the wayward road hog put his foot to the floor. Soon the motorway was alive with the juxtaposition of grinding mechanical parts, wails of banshee guitars and sonic sprays of natural thunderstorms.

“Damn!” the driver cursed.

He remembered there was a leak somewhere in his lights and water had intruded into the machine causing a faulty earth connection. His Mickey Hazard lights had a mind of their own as they flashed a Morse code warning of imminent death. For safety reasons he chooses to leave the motorway at the upcoming exit.

Suddenly a ghost rider on a horse drawn hearse overtakes and cuts in front of the inebriated motorist. Offended by this flagrant disregard for driving etiquette the drunkard presses his horn and klaxons at the coffin. The casket slowly opens and a skeletal hand appears with a bony middle finger raised in the air.

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One Comment on “Something wicked this way comes”

  1. JM Says:

    That was no ghost, JW, it was a Cambridgeshire traffic cop on his night off. (It’s strange how skeletons always seem to have bony middle-fingers and a nose for Jameson’s. Probably genetic.)


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