A dam needed on the Eve of strike action

Strike action looks imminent at Royal Mail as workers continue to be unhappy about conditions in the service, pension funds and would you All about Eve it, pay. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) will ballot its members after what they feel are sardonic, in the voice of George Sanders, new provisions by the management. The changes are as unsympathetic as a Bette Davis part said an uncredited cast member of the CWU.

Since July there have been off-on and on-off -but no on-on and off-off- strikes throughout the country resulting in minimal disruption although a backlog of letters has affected business for some. E-mail has been the communication of choice, the Marilyn Monroe to the humble letters Norma Jeane Baker. Herein (hereon?) lies the possible tragedy for Royal Mail. Waiting in the wings could be an Anne Baxter ready to take their place.

The strikes protested so far from the workers have been wildcat strikes. Wildcat? This always puzzled me when I was younger. How can a wildcat go on strike? Other news items also flummoxed me. There was a Guerrilla attack in Ceylon. Now at an unadvanced stage of my life this could only mean Gorillas. A gorilla attacking sounds very nasty and this unprovoked assault gave me reason to question the legend- if you leave them alone they won’t hurt you.

Oh to be young and stupid again when the news was gobbledygook.

The Pound fell against the Dollar. (At least it broke its fall)
The Whips reported to the Prime Minister today. (I got the belt at school today so one of them forgot to report- the rotter)
One of the Bills has been guillotined. (Give me the belt any day)
The Right Horrible Member for Parkhead. (That’s what it sounded like)
The PM addressed the conference. (Must be something to do with a letter, we’re back to the Royal Mail again)

I am still awaiting delivery of the 1950 Oscar winning film, I forget its name; it must be lost in the post.

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4 Comments on “A dam needed on the Eve of strike action”

  1. Hello JW10, and thank gawd for email in such times of communication crisis – is it all a foul plot?

    I grasped most of your frenetic richocheting, but who's Anne Baxter?

    Do hope your Oscar-winning film makes it

  2. JW10 Says:

    The 1950 Oscar winning film was All About Eve which starred Bette Davis, George Sanders and Anne Baxter (as Eve). Also featured in a small role was the Great Marilyn Monroe. You might remember AB from The Ten Commandants but then again you might not- Chuck Heston kind of, uh, stole the show.

    How the Royal Mail strike got mixed up in this is a mystery. Talk about a tenuous link, lost in the post…I ask you.:-)

    Got another one- more modern- Hedge Funds. Does this mean we save our money in the bushes in the garden? Maybe this is safer than the Banks, I've never heard of a run on a hedge.

  3. Hi JW10

    I was obviously Confused by thinking that All about Eve was the one where Bette Davis is the evil sister of Joan Crawford stranded upstairs in a wheelchair.

    Hedge Funds might be a pleasant surprise to come across a year or so after forgetting you stuffed them there.

    I shall ask George to sally forth to the Leylandii and hide a large bar of Dairy Milk. or two.

  4. JW10 Says:

    A great idea, Dolores. However I prefer Yorkie bars to Dairy Milk; just one of those man things, y'know. 🙂

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